Instagram Is Loving Giada De Laurentiis' Beach Day With Her Daughter

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis has an intimate relationship with the beach. According to Food Network, the TV host fronted the program "Giada on the Beach," a series of episodes that explored seafood, cocktails, hot weather food, and other culinary aspects associated with a summer beach day. 

When she isn't filming shows on the waterfront, De Laurentiis has also drawn media exposure for hitting the surf on her own time. Fox News noted that the chef made waves in Miami back in 2020 when she hit the beach in a red swimsuit and went on an alligator tour in the Everglades.

De Laurentiis has once again made her way to the beach, showing off the fun as part of a recent Instagram post. The star posted a photo of herself alongside her daughter Jade — who recently had COVID-19 — on the beach in green caps reading "ciao." Followers couldn't wait to jump in and shower the post with praise.

People rained praise on De Laurentiis' beach day

Many fellow Instagrammers loved De Laurentiis' beach day photos and quickly jumped in with their thoughts. Numerous followers complimented the mother-daughter pair, including saying, "Beautiful Jade looks SO much like her grandmother!!!! Such beautiful women in your family, every generation," and, "Love those faces!!! And those light up a room smiles?!?!?! Just beautiful!!" 

Others simply added, "Lovely relaxed photo of you both," and, "Lovely mother and daughter pic!!" A handful of users also appreciated the choice of hats and replied with, "Love that hat! I need a hat or shirt that says ciao or ciao Bella," or, "check out their hats!! Haha!" A few lit up the comment section with heartfelt takes, ranging from, "So cute! Enjoy!" all the way to, "Love!!! Adorable!" One comment sums up the entire thread — "Such a great picture." 

If this post proves anything, it's that few things can get between the star, her family, and a solid beach day. While the locale looks beautiful, no one explained where the photo was taken, so fans can only speculate which tropical paradise De Laurentiis visited and snapped the photo from.