Here's What You Can Find At Pauly D's Virtual Restaurant

"Jersey Shore" cast members have come a long way since their days of bar-hopping, day drinking, working at the boardwalk, and GTL (the famous lingo for gym-tan-laundry). Even amongst all the drinking, partying and tanning, fans will remember the all-important Sunday night dinner ritual in the house. Even though the meals were spearheaded by Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino — the unspoken head chef of the house famous for his sausage and peppers — each roommate pitched in to help cook the family dinner (via CheatSheet). Now, years later, a certain cast member's penchant for food seems to have continued: Pauly D.

DJ Pauly D has teamed up with GrubHub and Virtual Dining Concepts to present his own sub shop, called Pauly D's Italian Subs (via Eater Las Vegas). The chain of virtual re is the same group behind Mariah Carey's delivery-only cookie kitchen, Mario Lopez's Mexican kitchen, and Buddy Valastro's Cake Slice service (via Virtual Dining Concepts). Like these other ventures, Pauly D's Italian Subs is also a delivery-only ghost kitchen with outposts across several states including California, Florida, New York, and of course, New Jersey.

Pauly D's virtual restaurant has subs, salads, and more

Per the Pauly D's Italian Subs website, the "Jersey Shore" star worked with chef Eric Greenspan to formulate a line of sub sandwiches inspired by the DJ's favorite flavors from his childhood for his restaurant. There are seven types of eight-inch subs made from Amoroso rolls on the menu, each boasting different fillings including roast beef, pork and peppers, spicy capicola, Genoa salami, and turkey pesto. Each sub includes something called "The Drip," which Timeout explains is likely just Pauly D's lingo for dressing. Along with the line of subs, the virtual restaurant also has four salads, another four options for sides — chips, coleslaw, macaroni salad, and potato salad — as well as double fudge brownies and cannolis for dessert.

According to ScreenRant, while the menu is entirely unique to Pauly D's Italian Subs, the sub shop's model is such that it will run out of a pre-existing restaurant using the restaurant's staff and appliances. In return, 30% of the profits that Pauly D's shop makes will go to the restaurant.