Here's Where You Can Eat Twin Peaks' Famous Cherry Pie IRL

Log-carrying mystics in heavy sweaters, FBI agents with a penchant for recording themselves, backwards-talking doppelgangers, murdered homecoming queens, and dirty-faced lumberjacks wandering around nuclear test sites in the 1950s are only some of the most notable things about "Twin Peaks". And no, we aren't talking about the Twin Peaks restaurant chain. Combining oddball small-town campiness with thrilling mystery, horror, and soap operas, David Lynch's television epic "Twin Peaks" aired from 1990 to 1991 before getting a revival in 2017. With an astounding number of awards from Emmys to Golden Globes (via IMBd), the show has certainly made its mark on television history.

One part of the hit show that still sticks with fans is the food. From creamed corn that may or may not be the physical form of human pain and suffering to smalltown diner-style buttermilk pancakes and ham — something Binging with Babish faithfully recreated — Twin Peak's cast of colorful characters have some pretty unique tastes. None so popular as Special Agent Dale Cooper's love for a steaming cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie at the town's Double R Diner. In North Bend, Washington, you'll find the exact diner where you can dig into a slice of your own.

You can swing by Twede's Café in Washington

Twede's Café, according to the restaurant's website, has changed hands and names over the years since first opening in 1941. Perhaps the most famous name, and the one that put it on the map, is the Double R Diner. While David Lynch was scouting for locations to shoot Twin Peaks, he was charmed by the picturesque and serene beauty of the Snoqualmie Valley. It wasn't long before the Mar-T-Diner was transformed into the famous Double R Diner, home to waitresses with pining love affairs, military generals, bad boys, and of course, cherry pie.

The pie appears to be something of a legend, even outside the show. Folks on TripAdvisor have raved about the food, with one commenter stating, "You're here for two reasons: 'a slice of cherry pie and a d*** fine cup of coffee.' " Other reviewers claim that the food is something spectacular, from French toast to burgers to chicken fried steak. Twin Peaks merchandise still hangs in the diner even today, from magazines covers, posters, and even custom-made merchandise made just for the diner. If you're not in the Washington state area and you love yourself some pie, you don't have to consider booking a flight for a northwest passage. Twede's Café is on Goldbelly, where you can order their cherry pie and coffee right to your doorstep.