The Junk Foods Redditors Will Eat But Never Serve

Everybody has that one junk food made from odd flavor combinations that they wouldn't even imagine eating in front of someone else, let alone serving to them. It's pretty much a craving that no other food could ever satisfy. For Giada De Laurentiis it's Milano cookies dipped in a glass of lemonade, while popcorn for Selena Gomez is best enjoyed soaked in pickle juice and Tabasco sauce (via Pop Crush). Channing Tatum likes his PB&J sandwiches stuffed with Cheetos. Even Beyonce is known to dip bananas in ketchup!

Now Redditors are spilling the deets about food combinations they secretly enjoy eating but would never dream about actually putting on the dinner table. "My nasty little indulgence is a red hot dog, Hormel chili from a can (no beans), and some nacho cheese sauce with some diced onion on top," wrote one user, who then asked Reddit what odd junk foods they craved. As expected, the answers are hilarious and enlightening.

Redditors have hilarious junk food combinations

As it turns out, the go-to junk food item for many Redditors is simply an extremely unhealthy boxed meal that they would rather not be caught eating in public. "Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni ... Don't tell my cardiologist," says one comment referring to Betty Crocker's instant pasta meal. Another admits to secretly enjoying Chef Boyardi's Ravioli despite its "absolute garbage" ingredient list. Kraft mac n cheese with chunks of hot dog or spam covered in hot sauce is one other popular junk food of choice.

Some Redditors have such shame about their snacks that they even hide it from their families: "Dry ramen shaken up with the seasoning packet. I won't even let my husband see me eat it lmao," one person wrote. But as another Redditor points out, dry instant noodles tossed in seasoning is so popular it's even sold as a snack in its own right at Japanese grocery stores. One user even admits to liking cold spaghetti sandwiched between white bread with butter, much to their family's amusement.

In another case, one person admits to a camping tradition that involved their mother making chicken and dumplings. Made from Campbell cream of chicken soup with a layer of "refrigerator biscuits" on top, it's a junk food that the family collectively enjoys but would never fathom serving to anybody else. But as this Reddit thread proves, what might seem like a uniquely shameful indulgence might actually be more well-liked than you thought.