The Hearty Food Jack In The Box Has Been Spotted Testing Out

Potato lovers will be excited to hear that Jack in the Box has a plan for a new product — and it's not just another twist on plain fast food fries, which we've naturally ranked.

This new menu item is extra gooey and cheesy, but comes in two different varieties that are slightly different from one another (via Brand Eating). Nonetheless, each version will be great to share at a movie night. Like many other fast food chains, Jack in the Box has been testing this new product exclusively in its locations around Bakersfield, California.

Starbucks' boba tea went viral on TikTok because of similar testing, in which the product was only made available in certain southern California stores (via Yahoo!). Though this beverage has still not made national shelves, lots of people expressed their excitement on the posts of customers who were able to try this new product.

Now, by the looks of Jack in the Box's new product, there is lots to be eager about.

Jack in the Box is testing Tater Scoops

Jack in the Box's new product is cheesy, savory, and spicy, depending on the variety you order. That's right: Jack in the Box's Tater Scoops are currently being tested in select locations, according to Chew Boom. They come in both a "Loaded" and "Spicy Loaded" variety, which are both perfectly crispy and flavorful in their own respects.

The new product is described as "deep-fried," and topped, "with cheddar cheese sauce, bacon pieces, spicy ranch, shredded cheddar cheese." The "Spicy Loaded" option also comes with jalapeños for an extra kick.

Though this menu item is still being tested, hungry customers need to pay to try the product. The Fast Food Post reports that the recommended pricing is $3.50 for one order, which is pretty standard for the chain, which usually charges $3.09 for 10 pieces of chicken nuggets and $2.09 for a medium order of french fries (via Fast Food Menu Prices).

Hopefully, fast food fans can see this product coming to all Jack in the Box locations sometime in the future.