NYC Pizza Slices Now Cost More Than You'd Think

New York City is known for many things. It's been referred to countless times as a concrete jungle and the city that never sleeps. It's built a reputation of being a tourist destination that's on almost everyone's list. But to some, the city's most important identifier is the fact that it has more pizza places than anywhere else in the United States, with The Family Vacation Guide reporting nearly 1,200 pizza joints throughout the five boroughs (based on data from Tripadvisor and Grubhub).

Though the Big Apple is notoriously pricier than other parts of the country, anyone who has lived there could tell you that $1 New York-style pizza slices aren't as novel as they sound. If you happen to be out late enough, especially, you're even more likely to stumble upon a slice of gooey, cheesy pizza for just a buck — at least, that's how it had been for years. Last year, it was reported that NYC's $1 pizza might not stay $1 for much longer, a prediction that has sadly come true. Now, pizza prices have increased to the point where they cost more than a subway fare for the first time in decades.

A slice of New York City pizza costs more than $3

Of course, dollar-slice days becoming a thing of the past is just another sign of the times. CNBC reported in February that inflation has increased at its highest rate in 40 years, and Americans are feeling it everywhere from gas to groceries. Now, it's hitting their favorite pizza joints, too.

According to Food & Wine, there has been a relationship between New York City pizza prices and subway fares for decades; they have always cost about the same. But the outlet recently reported that, for the first time in years, this is no longer the case: Pizza is outpacing the subway. The average cost of a New York City slice is up to $3.14, nearly 50 cents more than a subway ride. In Manhattan only, that price jumps to $3.26. NYC's signature $1 slice first caught on after the 2008 recession; The New York Times reported in 2010 that the idea was rapidly growing among the city's pizzerias. Throughout the last decade, the cost has risen pretty evenly with Metropolitan Transportation Authority fares, but this appears to be the end of an era. Next time you're hungry in the Big Apple, make sure you have more than $1 in your pocket.