GoodPop's New Dessert Sandwiches Were Made With Dietary Restrictions In Mind

You know the song: "Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream," that is, unless you have certain dietary restrictions that make enjoying one of America's favorite desserts a challenge, which is definitely a massive bummer. Luckily, myriad companies have developed and released dietary restriction-friendly ice cream products.

VegNews, a vegan magazine, broke down some of the best oat milk-based, dairy-free ice creams, great for ice cream lovers who are lactose intolerant or have a sensitivity to cow's milk. The top brand was Oatly, with VegNews calling its flavors "tame but magnificent in their simplicity." Similarly, Healthline put together a list of some of the best gluten-free ice creams for those with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, listing Ben & Jerry's gluten-free ice cream – which does contain dairy — as one of the best, and, as for ice cream sandwiches, Rebel Ice Cream Sandwiches brand was given top marks.

Fortunately, ice cream fans with dietary restrictions now have a combo oat milk-based and gluten-free ice cream sandwich option from GoodPop, which just released its Chocolate Vanilla Sandwiches (via PR Newswire).

GoodPop makes an oat milk-based, gluten-free ice cream sandwich

GoodPop markets itself as a dessert company producing "delicious frozen treats made with clean, plant-based, organic and responsibly-sourced ingredients" (via GoodPop's website). The new Chocolate Vanilla Sandwiches are the company's first dessert not on a stick, and according to PR Newswire, are also kosher, produced with non-GMO ingredients, and the first ice cream sandwich to be sold in grocery stores that is gluten-free, made from oat milk, and completely plant-based. "We love reinventing classic nostalgic favorites with better-for-you ingredients, which means they have a much shorter, better-for-you ingredient list and are allergen-friendly, but without sacrificing taste," said GoodPop's CEO and founder Daniel Goetz.

GoodPop's new ice cream sandwich comes as reports are showing that as of 2021, sales of plant-based ice cream products are up by 35% (per PR Newswire). The press release states that the Chocolate Vanilla Sandwiches have 110 calories and eight grams of sugar per sandwich. They will be sold for about $5-$6 for a box of four sandwiches and will be available at stores such as Whole Foods, as well as on Amazon, GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats (via GoodPop's website).