The Trendy Vegan Restaurant Where Ben Stiller Was Just Spotted

Among the many things that New England is known for is the scenic region's rich pub culture. A reader of The Atlantic once posited that the defining characteristics of a New England pub are exactly what make it special, noting that these businesses are usually, "small, friendly places that are walking-distance from wherever you are, where you can grab a bite and a pint and make a new friend for an hour."

That's exactly the type of place Ben Stiller visited with his daughter in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where they ordered a Buffalo chicken Caesar wrap, a Margherita pizza, pub fries, an organic Maine Root root beer, an Oreo frappe, and an Impossible burger, according to People. Sounds like a classic pub dinner, right? Stiller's daughter, Ella, is vegan. So when the duo were in town seeking a place to eat, it's fortunate that they found PlantPub. The owner of the restaurant was also clearly happy to have a celebrity in the house, even posing with the actor for a picture.

PlantPub promises plant-based pub culture

PlantPub is nestled along the outskirts of Boston. The trendy vegan restaurant was opened by chef Mary Dumont and Pat McAuley, and PlantPub has over 7,000 followers on Instagram, making it something of a local celebrity. According to its website, the aim of the business is to serve the world's best craft beers and plant-based pub foods.

Co-owner Pat McAuley stated how pleasant it was for Ben Stiller and his daughter to decide to have dinner at the restaurant, especially since there were no open tables until after they arrived. In addition, he mentioned how nice the star customer was, saying how he suggested moving to another area of the restaurant with better lighting for their picture together. People also noted that Stiller left a pretty hefty tip — $30 for a $73 meal. PlantPub will be opening another location in Boston, across from Fenway Park in May 2022, just in time for summertime baseball games.