Only People With This Job Can Get In-N-Out Discounts

In-N-Out Burger is a polarizing fast-food chain with a cult following. Some folks love it, some dislike it, and some are more than willing to do nearly anything just to satisfy a craving for it. QSR magazine describes it as a "cultural phenomenon."

Most of its locations are around the West Coast and Texas (via In-N-Out Burger), which makes the chain like a deep-fried legend for people on the East Coast. Its expansive secret menu includes mythical items such as well-done fries and animal-style burgers (via Serious Eats). It has a steadfast commitment to quality, to the point where none of its locations have freezers or heat lamps (via In-N-Out). In-N-Out even has its own university. Whether it's for any of these reasons or others, there's no denying that the chain has more than a few people singing its praises.

With such mythos and legend, it's no wonder that some people think that the only thing better than In-N-Out's food is free In-N-Out food. Or, at least discounted In-N-Out food. However, only a few select people are lucky enough to get their 4x4 Animal Style for a couple bucks off. These lucky few are either an In-N-Out associate or a certain member of the public.

Police officers can get huge In-N-Out discounts

On the subreddit r/IAmA, a user named "booshley," who claimed to be an In-N-Out associate, encouraged fellow users to ask them anything about the West Coast burger chain. One user, amidst the common questions of where the meat comes from and secret menu gossip, asked what the chain's food discount policy was. According to "booshley," the only other people aside from associates who can get discount food are police officers. 

According to another Redditor, the police discount is a whopping 50% off their order. However, there is one small catch: Police officers must be in uniform to receive the discount. Not only does the uniform let the employees know the customer is an actual cop, the Redditor said, but having a uniformed officer on the premises makes customers feel "safer." So unless you're an actual cop or particularly good at the art of disguise, this hefty discount is unavailable to you.

In-N-Out isn't the only restaurant to offer special perks to the boys in blue. The website Badge Discounts shows a wide list of restaurants, such as Olive Garden, Johnny Rockets, and Steak 'n Shake, that give discounts or free meals to police officers, firefighters, and EMTs.