Giada De Laurentiis Made A Liqueur-Flavored Cake That's Perfect For Easter

If you love Italian food, you likely know who Giada De Laurentiis is. The title of her first Food Network show, "Everyday Italian," arguably sums up her career of making fine Italian cuisine more accessible to the American masses. As you might expect of the famed Italophile, she not only whips up meals for everyday occasions but for holidays as well.

In preparation for Easter, De Laurentiis shared her menu plans on her website, Giadzy. The lineup includes Italian springtime lamb, whipped pea crostini with p, prosciutto, and sundried tomato skewers. Dessert hails from central Italy: an Umbrian Easter cake (Ciaramicola). The traditional recipe calls for an Italian liqueur called Alcheremes, which colors the cake red (via Giadzy). 

However, Alcheremes is hard to come by in the U.S., so De Laurentiis put her own twist on this classic. Her choice of liqueur, Campari, has been described by Mixed Emotions as a bit more citrusy in flavor than the warmly spiced Alcheremes. But clearly, she embraces the change. Recently, the "Everyday Italian" star invited fans to embrace her recipe on social media.

Campari takes the cake

Giada De Laurentiis racked up more than 154,000 views with her latest TikTok, a demonstration of how to make a Campari spin on an Easter cake. After combining basic batter ingredients like butter, sugar, and flour, she adds a generous amount of the Italian liqueur, pausing for a taste test straight from the bottle. According to The Spruce Eats, Campari is bright red and bitter, thanks to a mix of herbs and spices. The site calls Campari's characteristic orange flavor "an acquired taste but an enlightening one."

De Laurentiis finishes the cake off with meringue and a good bake in the oven before slicing it up for a taste test. "This makes me happy," she says. Her fans in the comment section seemed pretty happy, too. Some asked for measurements so they could make their own Campari cakes at home. Instacart might have dropped the best comment with a punny "Nothing can Campari to this."