Yes, A Burger Vending Machine Now Exists

We've come a long way since humans created the first hamburger. Now, it's robots' turn to show us what they've got. If you enjoy chowing down on a restaurant-quality burger every now and then, but aren't too keen on interacting with other human beings, you'll be excited to learn about RoboBurger, a new robot vending machine dispensing contactless hamburgers in Jersey City, New Jersey. This brave new world of artificial intelligence burger slinging has been unveiled in the town's Newport Centre Mall, allowing residents to grab a quick bite while they shop.

These aren't sad, pre-cooked burgers wrapped in cellophane that you might expect from a traditional vending machine, but hot, freshly-prepared grilled beef selections upon which you can customize your toppings and condiments should you so desire. According to RoboBurger's Facebook page, a standard burger comes with cheese, ketchup, and mustard, or you can choose your own hamburger adventure.

You tap the screen to place an order, and a machine handles the entire burger assembly process from grilling to condiment application. When the burger is finished, the final product drops down a chute in a cardboard box and it's delivered to the customer through a bay door that is clearly marked "get burger."

Winner, winner, A.I. burger dinner

The cooking time takes about six minutes and the burger costs around $7. While the robot is preparing your burger, you can smell the aroma of beefy goodness wafting through the area around the vending machine. A green light on the bay door indicates when your burger is ready. People can pay for their vending machine hamburger with cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

You may be wondering, "How good can a vending machine burger really taste?" and "Why would I waste $7 on one when there are countless other good options out there crafted by actual human chefs?" Well, writer Jessica Montgomery recently sampled the RoboBurger and raved about the burger that A.I. built, stating, "Upon first bite, I was immediately impressed."

The RoboBurger company describes the technology as the "world's first fully-autonomous robotic kitchen." It features its own refrigerator, automated griddle, and cleaning system, and is also the first hot food vending machine approved by the public health and safety organization National Sanitary Foundation. In addition to malls, RoboBurger aims to distribute their robotic chef innovation into airports, colleges, offices, and factories nationwide.