Costco Fans Are Freaking Out Over Its Bamboo Pantry Organizer

There are plenty of things to love about the start of spring, but we think we can safely assume that for most people, spring cleaning isn't one of them. The monstrous task of scrubbing down every inch of the house isn't exactly an ideal way to spend the weekend, especially now that the warmer weather is begging us to spend more time outside. But according to Reader's Digest, there are a number of benefits to the annual cleaning extravaganza. Aside from helping us get our homes looking worthy of being photographed for a magazine, spring cleaning can boost productivity, relieve stress, and even improve our breathing. Who doesn't want any of that?

Getting started is arguably the most difficult aspect of spring cleaning, but there's a helpful product in stock this year at Costco that might actually get you excited to dive into the mission of Marie Kondo-ing your entire abode. This week, Costco-obsessed Instagram user @costcohotfinds noticed that the big-box retailer is selling a stylish three-piece set of bamboo organizing bins that look perfect for getting your pantry as organized as chef Bobby Flay's.

"I could think of about 100 places in my house that this would come in handy," the Instagrammer said of the product — which runs for $24.99 — in a video posted to their page on Monday, April 11. "This is a great deal on this bamboo organizer – it's really nice," they added in the caption.

These pantry organizers are sparking joy for shoppers

Costco is helping to make the daunting task of spring cleaning and de-cluttering a little bit easier this year with Seville Classics Home's Bamboo Bin Organizers, which are currently being sold at warehouses for just under $25. As demonstrated in a video shared by Instagram user @costcohotfinds, the three-piece set includes two small bins and one large bin that can be stacked in a variety of ways or used separately anywhere in your home that needs a little extra storage.

Even though spring cleaning is largely about getting rid of things that don't spark joy, many Costco shoppers seem excited to grab a set or two of these organizers for their homes during their next trip to the beloved grocer. "OMG I need that yesterday," one person declared in the comments section of @costcohotfinds post. "I love the way they slide!!" praised another fan.

A number of followers hit the comments section to share the news of Costco's latest organizing product with their friends. "is a costco run in our near future? I know you are on an organizing kick lol" one user wrote, tagging their friend. Another asked their pal if they wanted to make a stop at the big box retailer this upcoming weekend so they could each pick up a set for themselves. And for those who don't live near a Costco but are wishing to do the same, these bamboo organizers are also available online.