Checkers & Rally's New Bistro Buford Burgers Are A Mouthful

As quick service restaurants look to take their menu offerings up another level, Checkers & Rally's is making a statement with its latest menu offering. While QSR Magazine discussed the importance of the restaurant brand's evolution from a double drive-thru to a newer patio layout that has more seating, the heart of the chain's appeal is its convenient and quick food. After the company reported unexpected growth in 2021, Checkers & Rally's reported that even more expansion would occur in 2022 (via PR Newswire). Although franchising expansion is important to brand recognition, the new menu might items drive guests to make another visit.

Given that the brand focuses on the idea of "little place, big taste," the Buford burger is getting an upgrade yet again. While in 2021 the company offered the limited-time Super Loaded Buford, the brand announced new offering that takes more of a gastropub approach in a press release. Called the Bistro Burger, the menu item may require need a knife and fork because it packs a big bite for a cost of $5.99. Similar to the finds on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, the hefty burger may make people take a special trip to try it.

What makes the Checkers & Rally's Bistro Buford special

While fans of the fast food restaurant might need to know why Checkers fries are so delicious, the gigantic burgers they serve may also draw diners in. As seen with the new Bistro Buford, even a drive-thru can have a taste of a sit-down restaurant. The press release from Checkers & Rally's describes the hearty bite as having two substantial all-beef patties, topped with two strips of bacon, parmesan-dusted onions, and melted Swiss cheese (via PR Newswire). With a little creamy Dijon mayo sauce, the bakery-style bun may not be able to handle that big bite. 

The key to this burger is the contrasting flavors. From the pungent Dijon mustard to the parmesan seasoning on the onion rings, those flavors cut through the richness of the big burgers and bacon. Even if those famous fries are calling, it might be hard to eat such a big meal but then again, the Chill Stop Menu can help wash down all the richness from this pub-inspired burger.