Crumbl Cookies Just Dropped An Interesting Flavor For Easter

Remember when upscale retail and delivered-to-your-doorstep frosted cookie maker Crumbl had just one location and offered just one kind of cookie? It seems like yesterday that founders (and cousins) Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley put on their aprons, stocked their pantry shelves with sugar, flour, and milk chocolate chips, and tested recipes on repeat until they hit upon what they consider to be "the world's best chocolate chip cookie” (per the Crumbl website).

Five years later, Crumbl is a cookie conglomerate, expanding its concept, customer base, and signature pretty-in-pink boxes of sweetness via more than 300 retail outlets in 36 states. Much has changed, and that, of course, includes the cookie menu. Crumbl broadened its appeal by building a recipe file of more than 170 cookies (per ABC News) and introducing a rotating roster that each week gives starring roles to a fresh drop of four cookies. Recipe development is key, and flavors are inspired by the whole wide world of desserts: Crumbl practices the art of taking a cake or a pie or a candy and making it into a cookie.

So naturally, Crumbl has created a limited-time cookie menu that's apparently designed not to disappoint the Easter Bunny.

What will the Easter Bunny think of this Carrot Cake cookie from Crumbl?

Whether or not all of Crumbl's uber-popular cookies would make a bunny smile is up for debate. But it seems that for the sake of Peter Cottontail, Crumbl has come out with a Carrot Cake cookie. The foundation is a cookie reminiscent of the classic spiced cake, topped with a schmear of cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of chopped pecans (per Brand Eating).

But wait – there's more. In addition to bunnies, Crumbl apparently wants fans of chocolate and vanilla to hop on over, as the brand is offering a Cookies & Cream cookie. Served warm, it's an old-fashioned marble cookie wearing a drizzle of white chocolate and bits of crumbled cookie. Chilled Lemon Bar cookies pack a citrusy zing and also say spring.  They look like a treat dressed for Easter with smooth lemon bar topping and a dusting of powdered sugar. The Classic Sugar cookie also goes pastel, with a dollop of pink, almond-flavored icing. Last but not least, peanut butter eggs have some competition. Crumbl's version of this superstar flavor combination starts with a warm peanut butter cookie. It adds some melted milk chocolate, bits of Muddy Buddies candies, and confectioners sugar to bring on Easter in a pink box.

Crumbl's Easter lineup is available through April 16. After that peeps, it falls through the rabbit hole.