Why This Stadium Burger Costs $25,000

There's something really special about watching a baseball game live at the stadium. It's certainly a better experience in person, like going to a concert or seeing a movie in a theater. And watching the game really gets you in the mood for a soft pretzel or a hot dog, right? Let's face it, some baseball stadiums have the best food! But, when you get to the concession stand, you might be a bit shocked at the menu prices.

Concession stand prices are a familiar if not painful sight to see for any sports fan. Of course, there are some reasons for the astounding chunk of change you're shelling out, from supply and demand, as users on Quora point out, to concession stands being a major part of the stadium's and team's revenue (via Heated). No matter what the answer is, at the end of the day, you may feel a bit cheated.

But perhaps you should feel thankful you weren't being offered a burger with a triple-digit price tag. At least, that's what the Atlanta Braves are offering loyal fans at Truist Park. The World Champions Burger comes in at a whopping $151 or $25,000 — depending on which ring you want. And no, we aren't talking about onion rings.

Here's what comes with the $25,000 burger

According to USA Today, the World Champions Burger isn't just overkill on already pricy concession stand burgers and dogs. It's more of a symbol celebrating the Braves as the defending World Series Champions. Unlike your average concession stand burger, the World Champions Burger is made with a half-pound of Wagyu beef topped with an impressive assortment of "pan-fried eggs, gold-leaf-wrapped Hudson Valley foie gras, grilled cold water lobster tail, heirloom tomato, garden-fresh Bibb lettuce, Tillamook cheddar cheese and truffle aioli." And all of this is sandwiched between an Irish-buttered brioche bun. Wow. The price tag itself is even symbolic, representing the team's 151 years in the game.

In case that mouth-watering description didn't sell you, this grand slam of a hamburger comes with a replica World Series ring. But, if you're not into replicas, and there's room in your budget, you also have the option to shell out $25,000 dollars for the same burger, but it comes with a limited-edition "genuine" World Series ring on the side.

Fans of the Braves have no qualms sharing their opinions on Twitter regarding this jaw-dropping burger and most of them call foul. Comments include "More expensive than the A's outfield," "gonna be a hard pass on that one," and, what many might be thinking, "I think you forgot a decimal point or at least I hope you did $15.10 seems more reasonable."