Is The Burger King Mascot Really In Elden Ring?

Fast food lovers and video game fans will both be in collective disbelief upon taking a closer look at the new FromSoftware game, "Elden Ring." The role-playing game, which was released in February 2022, is filled with mythical creatures and has multiple different endings. The player has the main goal of repairing the Elden Ring by defeating enemies throughout the game (via Green Man Gaming). It features lots of wondrous figures like demi-gods clearly displayed through the game's fantastic graphics, which should get even better after some updates (via Push Square).

However, certain fans have noticed the similarity that one character bears to a popular fast food mascot: none other than Burger King's iconic mascot, the King. The restaurant chain is already known for having a presence in the world of virtual gaming, as seen by the Burger King video games you probably forgot the brand released. But is it possible that the King was planted in this newer video game without fans knowing in advance?

No, but the resemblance is uncanny

While the resemblance might be easy to miss while playing the game, upon closer examination, you may see the striking similarities that a Raya Lucaria Sorcerer and the King share. They both wear crowns, have the same facial structure, and sport long brown beards. They even wear similar robes (via Game Rant). This observation was first pointed out by a Redditor in a post titled, "I can't unsee it and neither can you," with both characters side-by-side in comparison. The resemblance was shocking.

What makes this situation even more hilarious is the fact that the Raya Lucaria Sorcerers complicate the game, causing certain players to dislike them. According to GGRecon, game players who disliked the King's doppelgänger expressed their disdain for the character and it seemed like the similarity to the fast food mascot made playing the game fun in a different way — picturing the enemy as the King certainly removes some of the tension. So while it is not confirmed that this sorcerer is the King, some players would definitely like to think so. It also might not hurt to eat a snack like Burger King's chicken fries to keep their energy up while playing.