Why Some Instagram Users Are Alarmed By Paul Hollywood's Cat Pic

The "Great British Bake Off" judge Paul Hollywood isn't known for his cuddly side. On the famed baking show, it's often his critique the contestants fear the most; however, they also reveal in receiving his signature acknowledgment of true accomplishment — the Hollywood Handshake. The Handshake is rare but truly coveted, and Vulture said Season 10 contestant Michael Chakraverty went "weak in the knees" when he received his, stating, "It's official. I got the first handshake. My mom's gonna cry."

How interesting, then, that given Hollywood's rare signs of approval and seemingly near aversion to physical contact, we have come to learn that he's a big cat fan. And by big, we mean, literally, big. Not only does Hollywood himself have two Maine Coon cats which are famously known as one of the largest breeds of domesticated cats, but he's also signed on as an ambassador for the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, England. This is home to a variety of wild cats, some of very large sizes, including snow leopards, tigers, and jaguars. As ambassador, Hollywood assists in fundraising activities, but now that we have the image of him cuddling up to furry cats, we can't get it out of our heads.

Paul Hollywood's cat gets mixed reviews

While we may have established that GBBO's Paul Hollywood is a cat lover, we can't help but notice that some Instagrammers are a bit alarmed by one of his posts featuring a picture of him holding one of his Maine Coons. The cat, let's just say, looks less than pleased to be participating in the photoshoot. While Hollywood gives a big smile, the kitty he's holding up in his lap seems to have quite the devilish stare. "That is one angry cat!" commented one user, while another chimed in, "That ca[t] looks evil if looks could kill lol."

Many of the 700 plus comments, however, compliment both the GBBO star and the kitty, including a jesting, "God those eyes .... Yours aren't bad either" and "Lovely photo of you both."

Other Instagrammers focused more on the cat's gorgeous coat than its intimidating stare. "Beautiful cat, Paul. Love seeing the extra soft human side on social media. Fun. Thanks for sharing," commented one fan. 

As an extra bonus, this isn't Hollywood's first foray into cat ownership. He's been a feline father for some time, as you can see from this throwback photo posted to Instagram of him from the 80s holding, you guessed it, a kitty! Looks like Paul Hollywood might just be a softie after all.