Duff Goldman Is Gushing Over His Niece's Homemade Easter Cake

When it comes to Easter sweets, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans may reign supreme. However, we firmly believe that there should also be a delicious cake on hand to follow up your traditional holiday ham, and if you happen to have a pastry whiz like Duff Goldman in your family, it might seem obvious who would be in charge of whipping up the post-Easter dinner treat.

The "Spring Baking Championship" judge makes a mouthwateringly moist carrot cake using plenty of oil, and who could forget that luscious, green maraschino cherry-topped cheesecake he made for the holiday last year? Both desserts sound like they would have made for an excellent ending to Easter dinner yesterday (after all, Goldman claims on his website that his carrot cake is a favorite for the entire staff at his bakery, Charm City Cakes). However, it appears that the Food Network star was relieved of some of his dessert duties for the holiday this year by his young niece Ellie, and he couldn't have been more proud.

"My niece Ellie made an Easter cake!" Goldman gushed on both his Instagram and Twitter pages on Sunday, April 17. He also shared a photo of his smiling niece holding her festive baked good, which appeared to be a two-tiered chocolate cake topped with chocolate frosting and three bright pink marshmallow Peeps. Please, Ellie, tell us you saved us a slice!

Duff Goldman's fans are proud of his niece's Easter cake, too

Some of Duff Goldman's baking talents appear to have rubbed off on his niece, Ellie, who whipped up a homemade Easter cake for her family for the holiday yesterday. Just like any proud uncle, the "Buddy vs Duff" star took to his social media pages to rave about the youngster's kitchen creation, which has caught the attention of many of his fans, as well. His Twitter post has been inundated with replies containing compliments for Ellie's baking talents, including one user who hypothesized that she was "another star in the making." His Instagram post, meanwhile, generated a similar response.

"Good job, great looking cake," one user wrote. "Wow! It looks delicious," complimented another fan. An Instagrammer seemed to concur with their sentiments, claiming that they would even "break [their] keto diet for a piece." Meanwhile, one fan couldn't help but share how impressed they were with Ellie's skills in the kitchen. "Pretty sure she could outbake me! Mine are lopsided every time!" the Instagrammer said.

We don't doubt that Ellie has gotten her fair share of baking advice from her uncle Duff but don't worry, the pastry chef doesn't appear to be withholding any family secrets from his fans. For those looking to brush up on their own baking skills, here are some of Goldman's best tips for making delicious treats at home.