RuPaul's Drag Race Fans Will Love These Official Canned Cocktails

The inimitable RuPaul was once quoted as saying, "If you want to be invited to the party, you better have something to bring." Now, fans of "RuPaul's Drag Race" have official show-branded cocktails to pop open and sip at their next gathering. As stated in a press release, the new House of Love beverage collection serves up "light, love, and laughter," with a fruit-flavored drink and message of inclusivity in every can.

The new canned cocktails are a collaboration between RuPaul, production company World of Wonder, and Marina Hahn, the founder of the Svedka vodka brand. Available now for pre-order online, the collection is inspired by the "freedom, inclusivity, and joy of RuPaul and the 'Drag Race' community." To hone in on that message, the beverage makers decided to include two non-alcoholic mocktails in the six-flavor lineup — big hair and heels not required for imbibing. Here's what customers can find in each pack.

What are the House of Love flavors?

Available for online purchase on May 20, House of Love's direct-to-consumers collection includes four cocktails and two mocktails. According to the brand's announcement, the alcoholic beverages include Watermelon Vodka, Tangerine Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Pomegranate Lime Vodka, while the alcohol-free cans come in Ginger Mule and Colada. In addition to $17.99 4-packs of each flavor, per the website, House of Love is also offering 24-can Viewing Party Boxes, meant to accompany all those "RuPaul Drag Race" bingeing sessions, for $100 each.

Per Adweek, House of Love is not just a "side hustle" for RuPaul's team, but a longer-term project that will include "merchandise drops and immersive experiences" in the future. Before the drinks officially drop next month, customers can watch "Drag Race" contestants sipping on the cans of their choice on Instagram. "We put a little bit of love in every can," RuPaul said about the collection, which appears to invite everyone to enjoy some refreshment at the House of Love. Sometimes, a message in a can is one worth enjoying time and again — as long as that message is consumed "responsibly, henny!"