Instagram Is Cracking Up Over Gordon Ramsay's Challenge For Aarón Sánchez

Fans of Fox's "MasterChef: Legends" are hooked on the Emmy Award-winning search for America's most talented home cooks and thrilled, no doubt, that a new season has been greenlit for this year, per Variety. As much as American foodie-TV fans can't get enough of any high-stakes cooking competition, a good bit of this particular show's magic derives from the zippy chemistry between Aarón Sánchez and Gordon Ramsay, two of the show's perennial hosts. Fans of the franchise can't seem to get enough of the witty repartee between the odd-coupling comprised of the uber-intense British-born Ramsay juxtaposed with the mellow-by-comparison Texas-born Sánchez. 

This is true even in the "MasterChef" off-season – or perhaps, especially in the "MasterChef" off-season. After all, it is during these times that fans have the pleasure of witnessing Ramsay and Sánchez interacting in ways that resonate as neither scripted nor mindful of the rules of network television. In fact, even as we speak, social media is probably cracking up over one such interaction, which Sánchez posted to Instagram yesterday – to the delight of 20,000-plus fans who have liked it thus far. 

In the video post, Ramsay challenges Sánchez to "name that dish." "That dish" was a freshly made Oaxacan version of the Mexican breakfast casserole known as chilaquiles. Although Sánchez officially "lost" the challenge, it was ultimately Ramsay who wore the egg on his face, so to speak.

A priceless moment between friends and colleagues

Chilaquiles is a Mexican dish that presents an easy and satisfying way to use up leftover tortillas and sauce. In July 2021, Gordon Ramsay went all the way to Oaxaca, Mexico, to learn the finer points of crafting this dish using Oaxacan mole sauce, according to a YouTube video that Ramsay posted. At the end of the segment, Ramsay, clearly proud of his creation, makes a friendly ambush of Aarón Sánchez via FaceTime, apparently waking him up to demand that he "name the dish." Try as he might, however, Sánchez just could not figure out what exactly it was. 

"Nachos?" Sánchez guessed while ironically kidding Ramsay having blown his life savings on a first-class flight to Mexico. Although the upshot is that, as a technical matter, Sánchez lost the challenge, it was Ramsay who came off as hilariously chagrined.

"He didn't know what they weeeerrrreee!!" Ramsay hollered at the end of the video. Sánchez posted that highlight to Instagram with the caption, "Never not having fun with the boss man, @Gordongram." He couldn't resist poking fun at the British chef's apparent failure to recreate (at least recognizably) the Mexican "staple" dish, as Ramsay referred to it. "Those chilaquiles need some love," Sánchez added. Judging from the laughing-crying emojis, "lol"'s, such comments as "You two crack me up," the fans clearly found the whole thing utterly chilaqui-larious.