How Bobby Flay And Marcus Samuelsson Really Feel About Their New Ballpark Restaurants

Bobby Flay and Marcus Samuelsson are no strangers to success, but they're both about to have more people eating their food in one place than they're probably used to. That's because the chefs, who both fixtures of Food Network and successful restaurateurs, are opening new eateries at Yankee Stadium (via NRN). At full capacity, Yankee Stadium can seat 46,537 people, which is a lot of hungry mouths to feed. It not just your imagination — the food at MLB ballparks has been getting a lot better in recent years. 

Fans who appreciates both the Yankees and Bobby Flay will be able to try some of the burgers the chef famously slings at Bobby's Burgers, Flay's burger chain that he recently announced he wants to franchise. Bobby's Burgers will be located in section 132 of the stadium (via Instagram). On the menu, fans can expect to find offerings like The Bacon Crunchburger (featuring bacon, American cheese, potato chips, and "Bobby's Sauce") and Bobby's Veggie Burger, which is made with mushrooms, chickpeas, and quinoa. But what will Samuelsson be bringing to the table?

Samuelsson's excited to be at Yankee Stadium

As the Bronx Times reports, Marcus Samuelsson will be serving up items from his famous Streetbird restaurant in section 112, including The Hot Bird Sandwich — which features a boneless fried chicken thigh, spicy slaw, and house-made pickles — and the Big Fly Chicken and Waffle, which pairs fried chicken with a hot honey cornbread waffle and pickles. For Samuelsson, though, it's about more than just serving food to hungry sports fans.

"As an immigrant, I came to this country with $300 and took the bus from Kennedy Airport and one of the first things you see when you come off the bridge is Yankee Stadium. For me, twenty years later, to be a tiny part of it, it's amazing. For me, this is a dream come true," he told New York Sports Day. How does Flay feel? Well, he hasn't publicly spoken about how he feels about Bobby's Burgers at Yankee Stadium, but considering the fact that he's a lifelong New Yorker and a proud Yankees fan, it seems safe to say he's excited about the new venture (via USA Today).