Why White Castle's New 1921 Slider Is Unique

While there is always room for the original sliders or even some chicken rings, White Castle appreciates that its menu needs to evolve. In a recent company announcement, The 1921 Slider has been added as a new permanent menu item. Based on a 101-year-old recipe, the quick service restaurant believes that all true Cravers will be making a special trip to get that first taste. Even though the recipe might be rooted in the past, the flavor is one that will have people excited to taste it over and over again.

As seen on The History Channel show "The Food That Built America," White Castle sought to make a faster burger, but it was more than just that hamburger slider that had people coming back for more. The brand remembered some of its history in the press release: From pioneering carryout food with the slogan "selling 'em by the sack" to innovating with plant-based options, the first fast food restaurant has always been part of the food conversation by focusing on flavor and fun. As the chain celebrates 10 decades of serving customers tasty burgers, it wants to give customers something special. From the bakery-made bun to the smashed patty, there is only one White Castle slider, but the 1921 Slider will hopefully give White Castle fans an extra treat.

The 1921 Slider is a taste of the past

When White Castle announced the new 1921 Slider, the brand was offering its customers a taste of the past. According to a company statement, the 1921 Slider harkens back to the original concept where a meatball was pressed flat in order to make a hamburger patty. While other brands have adapted that smashed burger on the grill concept, White Castle made the original. The menu item has been available as a limited release offering, but its popularity has pushed the chain to add it to the permanent menu in all of its locations. "We're excited to give our customers this additional menu option that harkens back to our beginning," the chief marketing officer for the brand said.

Looking specifically at the new menu item, the 1921 Slider seems to be a little thicker than the traditional famous White Castle sliders. Served with grilled caramelized onions, tomato, cheddar cheese, pickles, and lettuce, it appears to be a meatier bite. Given the size, these sliders might need to come in smaller serving quantities. Although White Castle sliders might not be the same burgers that grandma makes, that food history in every bite may be quite satisfying.