The Marinated Chicken Aldi Shoppers Can't Stop Talking About

Chicken breast is arguably among the most popular cuts of chicken on the market, especially for those looking for lean meat options. As Healthline reports, the white meat makes for a relatively low-calorie and low-fat meal when prepared via methods such as grilling or baking, not to mention the fact that it is also rich in nutrients that can aid in muscle building and weight loss. And while chicken breast is also beloved by many for its versatility, some have condemned the protein-rich cut of poultry for being boring and bland. "It's always so dry and almost never tastes good," claimed one opinionated Redditor who declared that thighs are the superior part of the bird.

Whether you're in agreement with our Reddit friend or are simply looking to step up your chicken game, Aldi offers a poultry product that might bring some excitement to the nights when chicken breast is on the menu. Part of the budget-friendly grocer's Never Any! line — advertised on its website as USDA-certified products that are free of antibiotics, animal by-products, hormones, and steroids — is a trio of pre-marinated chicken breasts that were recently given the spotlight by Aldi-loving Instagrammer @ohheyaldi. "Winner winner, chicken dinner! How easy and tasty are these Never Any Marinated Chicken Breasts?!" the user captioned a recent post about the ready-to-cook products that has since generated some serious buzz.

Some Aldi shoppers call this the "best chicken" they've ever had

For some shoppers, Aldi just might be changing the "chicken breasts are boring" narrative with its line of Never Any! marinated chicken breasts. Available in three different flavors — cilantro lime, Southwest-inspired, and sun-dried tomato basil — the products don't appear to be a new addition to the grocer's offerings, as there are mentions of them on the web that date as far back as 2018. However, that hasn't stopped shoppers from raving about them in the comments section of @ohheyaldi's Instagram post earlier this week. "These are amazing!!!" one person commented. "Yum! Super convenient!" added another fan. Instagram user @dysartlavender said that the marinated poultry is the "best chicken [they've] ever had," which, considering the popularity of Aldi's iconic Red Bag Chicken, is a pretty bold claim.

Each individual flavor earned praise as well, but none more than the cilantro lime, which user @drkate25 dubbed their "favorite Aldi item of all time." Instagrammer @prettywitty911 seemed to concur, writing, "Cilantro lime using the air fryer is my fave!!" As for what to do with these marinated chicken breasts if you happen to grab them during your next Aldi run, one Instagrammer offered a quick and easy idea. "These are so good for a sheet pan dinner!" shared user @ginagriffin. "Wash and chop some veggies, little bit of olive oil, toss everything out, bake, dinner is served."