Jack In The Box Just Lowered The Price Of A Popular Shake For 4/20

Although Jack in the Box's regular menu only includes four shakes –- chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and Oreo -– the chain often adds special shakes depending on the season. Over the years, these have included the mint Oreo shake, the pumpkin pie shake, and the eggnog shake (via Restaurant News).

Earlier this month, Jack in the Box launched yet another seasonal treat: the Pineapple Express Shake. According to the Fast Food Post, this spring-themed shake combines the chain's vanilla soft-serve with pineapple syrup.

Fans of the chain seem to love the newest shake. One Facebook commenter said it's "the perfect way to cool down on another 100 degree day in SoCal." Another person wrote on their Facebook wall that while they don't usually post pictures of their food, they needed to "make an exception" for the Pineapple Express Shake because they loved it so much. A third person said, "If you like pineapple upside-down cake, this is the shake for you" (via Facebook). 

Save some coin on the new Pineapple Express Shake

If you weren't already scrambling to get your hands on Jack in the Box's new limited-time Pineapple Express Shake, you might be after hearing this. The chain's four signature shakes each sell for about $2.79 for a regular size (via Real Menu Prices).

The Pineapple Express Shake, on the other hand, costs as much as $4.69 for the same size, says Brand Eating. Of course, this depends on your location — Brand Eating referenced prices in the Los Angeles area. However, on 4/20 only, you can get your Pineapple Express Shake for $4.20.

As part of the promotion, Chew Boom says, Jack in the Box will plant one tree for each Pineapple Express Shake sold on 4/20 –- a sweet deal for both your wallet and the planet! Ads for the one-day event say "Jack Loves Trees," which, Marketing Dive reminds us, is another little nod to this high-minded holiday. Enjoy your shake responsibly.