Trader Joe's Shoppers Are So Excited To Try Its New Vegan Ravioli

Being vegan can make it a bit challenging to grocery shop for anything other than fresh fruits and vegetables. After all, so much of what you find at the store does contain animal products of some sort, whether it's dairy, meat, fish, or egg. Fortunately for plant-based eaters, many major brands and retailers have begun offering more vegetarian alternatives to some favorite foods, such as Impossible Foods meatless meat products or Daiya's vegan cheese line.

The popular grocer, Trader Joe's, also has a plethora of vegan products. You can find vegan nacho dip, vegan mayonnaise, which Trader Joe's Reviews reports is a blend of mostly avocado oil and chickpea broth, and even vegan cheesecake, which has a base that's made with, surprisingly, lima beans. Adding to this list of impressive products is vegan ravioli, which is a type of cheese-filled pasta that non-dairy eaters typically have to avoid due to the primary ingredient. 

According to an Instagram post, however, Trader Joe's has a ravioli fitting for vegans, and people on social media are all about it.

Ravioli with a spinach and cashew cheese filling

Leave it to Trader Joe's fan account @traderjoeslist, which has more than one million followers on Instagram, to find this product that's imported from Italy. The blogger has taken to Instagram to share Trader Joe's Vegan Spinach and Cashew Ravioli, which they spotted while shopping at Trader Joe's in Thousand Oaks, California. 

According to the label, the ravioli is stuffed with a spinach and cashew cheese filling that contains zero animal products or dairy. Each 8.8 ounce package contains three one-cup servings and, per the Instagram post, currently costs $3.99 per bag. Although some people have commented that they wish it was also gluten-free, many are still excited to try the new find. "FINALLY!! I've been waiting for a dairy-free ravioli for YEARS," one person chimed in.

Instagrammer @bigboxvegan also reported on the vegan ravioli, which they found in Florida. "As a 27 year vegan, I personally loved them," they shared in the caption. "If you're expecting a fully stuffed ricotta cheese style ravioli then you might be disappointed but I thought they were solid and would definitely buy again." 

The post did note that the item may not be available in every location yet, so they advise calling your local Trader Joe's first to check that it's in stock. One fan reports, "I went to 7 Trader Joe's yesterday and couldn't find it anywhere, I've never wanted to eat something more."