Why The World's Most Expensive Cocktail Costs More Than $20,000

After a long, hard week, nothing feels more rejuvenating and refreshing than a cocktail. Whether you are shaking one up at home or ordering a drink at a bar, there's a drink out there for every taste bud. From a spunky and spicy Margarita to a classy and elegant Martini to a fruity and bright alcohol-free Mojito, the cocktail (or mocktail) world is truly your oyster. 

While certain vintage cocktails certainly deserve a comeback, the cocktail world is like the fashion world — there's always something new trending. And you'll find that most restaurants and bars boast their own unique innovative concoctions, meaning that every happy hour can be a novel experience if you want it to be.

One of the few downsides of boozy beverages? They tend to be on the pricier side. According to Fortune, the average price of a cocktail in 2008 was approximately $10. Nowadays, individuals wouldn't second guess purchasing an alcoholic beverage with a $16 price tag, even if that drink happens to cost more than their meal. That said, where does the line get drawn? At what point do you look at the cost of a cocktail and think enough is enough? Maybe when the price tag reads $20,000.

This martini is garnished with a one-carat diamond

If you have a taste for luxury and enjoy the finer things in life, then you also may have an affinity for expensive alcohol or costly cocktails. That said, a mixed drink, shaken or stirred, that costs more than $20,000 is enough to make anyone hesitate before whipping out their credit card. What could possibly be included in a drink with that hefty price tag?

This decadent drink, dubbed the "Diamonds Are Forever Martini," hails from the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo. While this cocktail may be extravagant, according to the Ritz Carlton Bar Menu, it's garnished with a one-carat diamond. As noted by Travel and Leisure and Robb Report Singapore, this cocktail goes for between $22,000 and $25,000. For the budget-conscious, maybe consider pocketing that garnish rather than gulping it down with the rest of your beverage.  

The Diamonds are Forever cocktail is prepared for clients at their table and it does come with another added bonus because, clearly, the one-carat diamond isn't enough. Guests get to enjoy a performance of the song "Diamonds are Forever," as they sip on their martini. Worth dolling out the big bucks? You tell us.