The Ingredient Swap That Will Majorly Upgrade Your Canned Tuna

On the surface, a tin of tuna might not sound like the most appealing of foods. After all, if you walked into a restaurant and saw "fish chunks in a can" on the menu, would you assume you were getting the highest high quality of seafood? However, store-bought cans of tuna are an affordable way to get plenty of protein and nutrients, such as iron, potassium, and vitamin B6, per WebMD.

When it comes to tuna in a can, whipping up a flavorful dish is possible – as long as you know what you're working with and how to complement it. Combining it with mayonnaise and other seasonings creates a basic tuna salad recipe, which, when put on a roll with lettuce, tomato, and onion, is a popular sandwich option. Or, serving it over a bed of lettuce loaded with other salad fixings can make for a tasty meal, too.

If you're looking to level up your chicken of the sea, even more, it turns out that swapping just one complementary ingredient could do the trick.

Upgrade your canned tuna with some 'garlicky olive oil'

Everyone knows that garlic adds a ton of flavor. But simply adding some garlic powder to canned tuna, or even crushing a clove and mixing it in, are not going to get you the flavor you're looking for. That's because heat and olive oil both play roles in this flavor combination.

According to Women's Health, which said it asked nutritionists for tips, you can give your canned tuna a major upgrade by sautéing it in "garlicky olive oil," as opposed to mixing it with the classic mayonnaise choice. To sauté something means to cook it quickly in a bit of fat; sautéing the tuna with garlic will allow the garlic's flavor to fully infuse into the fish.

Once the tuna is sautéed, spread it on toast to enjoy it. Tuna is often served on bread, and everyone knows that garlic and bread pair well together, too – so inviting all three into your meal may well enhance the flavors. The best part? This meal cooks quickly and sounds pretty affordable.