TikToker Confirms That Trader Joe's Employees Could Be Lying To You

Have you ever been to a restaurant and, unsure of what to get, you ask the waiter or waitress about a certain item you've been considering? With a chipper grin, they tell you it's their favorite thing on the menu and they get it all the time. Now, you have no way to prove they're lying to you —but you also have no way to prove they're telling you the truth either. 

It's no secret restaurants and businesses have tricks to get you to spend money at their location. It's the art of the upsell, of buttering you up by pretending to be buddy-buddy with you and get you to think, "Well, if they like it, then I'll like it too!" It's not just restaurants that do this, mind you — it's any business with a customer-employee interaction.

Of course, if you shop at Trader Joe's, then you have nothing to worry about. After all, the customer and employee relationship is top-notch! They even play a game with kids where they hide stuffed animals in the shelves and give the kids lollipops if they bring them back (via New York Post). Their customer service, according to some like CustomerThink, is an incredible model.

According to one source, however, things may be not be as they appear.

Trader Joe's employees may not be honest all the time

TikTok user Daniel Bennett posted a short clip of himself talking to an unknown person, presumably a Trader Joe's employee. Bennett asks if the employee ever "flirts" with his customers — and by flirt, he apparently means getting to charm a customer into buying a certain item — and the employee claims that they do. For example, he claims that he saw a girl buying cauliflower gnocchi and he told her that the item was his favorite when, in reality, he was allergic to it. It's a sly trick to "flatter" the customers and make them more willing to buy or continue to buy items from the store.

Many commenters, apparent fans of Trader Joe's, expressed concern and disillusionment over this startling revelation. Many, it appeared, had enjoyed the so-called "flirting" and were crushed to discover that it was nothing more than an upsell.

"Trader Joe's .... sounds more like traitor joes" was the heartbroken response from one user. "I feel like Trader Joe's employees don't flirt with me enough," claimed another person. "I'm just going to pretend i never saw this," said someone else.

While Trader Joe's shoppers may not be feeling true love from employees after this revelation, they can at least find comfort in the store's famous cheap wines (via Reader's Digest).