Redditors Reveal What They Would Do If They Were Costco CEO For A Day

Imagine if you could snap your fingers and become Costco's CEO for just a day. Think of all the things you could change with your sudden influx of power. Are you picturing yourself right now, seated at a humungous desk, finger-tenting your hands in a Mr. Burns-like fashion? Do you envision underlings flocking to your beck and call, eager to carry out your every whim? If you're now thinking about Brink's backing up to your bank to deposit your hefty salary and stock dividends, it would appear that this imaginary position may be going to your head. 

It's important to remember that being the CEO of a massive company like Costco is serious business. You are responsible for making big decisions that will impact your workforce and customers. Surely, there are some innovative changes that you'd love to see come to fruition at this membership-based retailer. And, while you're busy brainstorming for some ideas, the folks at Reddit have a few suggestions for you to mull over. 

Redditors are obsessed with Costco's food offerings

A Redditor recently posted the scenario, "You have just been named CEO of Costco for one day. You are allowed to make one change to any aspect of the business. What would you do?" Interestingly, the responses poured in and some of them were quite original and insightful. Several users urge Costco to improve its website including having the "price and availability of every single item that's in the local warehouse." Another suggests allowing for the use of "a digital membership card at the gas stations." 

Many have Costco food court-related suggestions like returning to post-pandemic offerings like combo pizza, straight churros, and the old smoothies, as the healthier ones aren't as good. And many bemoan the removal of chopped onions from the toppings bar. One Redditor suggested a Costco Epcot Center that features food from the different cafes around the world, while another suggests standalone Costco Cafes. And most users agree that the Costco hot dog price shouldn't be raised. Others asked for more generalized improvements like better aisle signage, special non-members "shop for $10 days," and a larger section for cat-related products. One clever netizen even made themselves the CEO for more than a day. 

Yes, Redditors have proven themselves to be a credible thinktank by coming up with some practical suggestions. So stop tenting your fingers and pretending to boss people around. You've got just one day and one suggestion to help Costco reach its full potential.