Sunny Anderson Has A Sweet Solution For Using Leftover Peeps

Easter 2022 has come and gone for millions of people (though, for millions of others, today is Orthodox Easter). By now, most of your Easter candy might be a thing of the past well – save for maybe a half-eaten package of marshmallow Peeps that nobody in your household seems to want to polish off. The colorful treat is routinely one of the most popular non-chocolate candies this time of year, with nearly 1.5 billion of the pillowy chicks and bunnies being consumed each Easter, according to a WalletHub estimate. And yet, many sweet lovers might find it difficult to empty the carton they initially opened up on Easter Sunday (though a few people argue that the controversial candy actually gets better with age).

If you've been struggling to get rid of the sugar-coated marshmallows, you need to hear about the sweet solution Sunny Anderson came up with for that pesky leftover Peep problem. Taking to her Instagram page on Saturday, April 23, the Food Network star shared a photo of the unique coffee beverage she affectionately refers to as a "hug in a mug" along with the details of how she put it together. "French pressed with some cinnamon, then stirred in some caramel from a squeeze bottle, and to top this *hug in a mug* I dropped a stale peep on top and watched it spin from the centrifugal whirlpool the spoon created (weeeeeeee!)" she explained. The festive drink has intrigued many of her fans.

Stale Peeps are the star of Sunny Anderson's 'hug in a mug'

Peeps may not be America's favorite Easter candy, especially once they've gotten old and hard. However, Sunny Anderson is making a case for the aged marshmallow treats with her "hug in a mug," a coffee beverage flavored with cinnamon and caramel and topped with a stale marshmallow Peep. "Yes, a STALE peep...IYKYK," the co-host of "The Kitchen" emphasized in an Instagram post. One person in the comments section called it "a brilliant idea."

Several people showed up in support of stale marshmallow Peeps, making us wonder if we've been eating the Easter candy wrong this whole time. "Oh no, can't eat a fresh peep....tear the plastic off and age at least a week in the cardboard container," Instagram user @pmillertym wrote. "Thought I was the only [one] who knew about stale peeps!!! Sooooo money!" quipped another fan. "I just toasted some stale peeps over a fire pit last night. Man are they delish!" a third follower shared.

Some gave Anderson examples of other foods that they claim taste good stale, such as Oreos and Cheese Doodles. Others obliged her request for odd food combinations that make others "scrunch their face up like crazy." Many argued that peanut butter and pickle is the treat we're all missing out on, though for Instagram user @chrissylynne1980, Doritos and cottage cheese are a winning pair. "Best combo ever," the Instagrammer boldly claimed. We'll stick to stale Peeps, for now.