This Is Niecy Nash's Favorite On-Screen Food Moment - Exclusive

Directors, actors, and actresses have come up with a handful of clever ways to present food on the big screen. According to Insider, filming cooking shows and competitions is particularly challenging, as each episode can take up to 14 hours to film, with judging of plates typically happening offscreen while the food is still warm. Leftovers then either go to charity or get eaten up by the crew. Sitcoms and other scripted series have different sets of rules when it comes to presenting food on-screen, all of which can be cumbersome.

Mental Floss reports that the food that makes it onto camera is typically real, but actors might have to go through dozens of takes before getting the right closeup of them carving a piece of meat or eating a meal in a particular way. When some talent has to eat food over and over again for a scene, sets might even break out the spit bucket, which actors can use to literally spit the food into after taking a bite so they don't have to eat dozens of meals in one day.

Actress, comedian, and personality Niecy Nash has seen it all, and has had her fair share of food encounters while making hit television shows. One particular experience with a cookie ranked above all others for the star, and it continues to stand out as her favorite food-based moment on set, as she told Mashed in an exclusive interview.

Nash's most hilarious on-screen food moment involved cookies

Niecy Nash used to appear in a television series called "The Soul Man," where she played Cedric The Entertainer's on-screen wife, per TV Land. While filming one particular episode, Nash was watching a scene play out where a fellow actor had to eat a cookie, and hilarity soon ensued. "There was a scene where [he] had to take a bite of a giant cookie ... and then go, 'I like cookies,' but Cedric played a joke on him and he kept acting like he either messed up the line, or he laughed on the line, or he did something wrong and they had to do it over," Nash told Mashed.

Actors of course have to get the perfect take, and Cedric The Entertainer wouldn't relent, as Nash shared, "15 takes later, [the actor] was like, 'I like cookies' almost with tears in his eyes," Nash continued. "'I cannot take one more bite of this.' Then, we all burst out laughing. It was a good time, for sure."

Niecy Nash's relationship with food hasn't slowed down since then, and she now has a partnership with IHOP on Instagram touting the restaurant chain's new loyalty program. You can also download the IHOP app from Google Play or the App Store to start earning rewards and learn more.