Sophia Bush Names The Drink She Always Has To Have On Set - Exclusive

You may know Sophia Bush from her many acting accolades, such as her characters on "One Tree Hill" and "Chicago P.D." But, Bush is also known for her activism in all things politics and sustainability. The actress recently paired up with One Tree Planted and Planet Oat, a non-dairy substitute for creamer and milk, to encourage donations for newly planted trees. 

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Bush gave tips on how to lower your food imprint. Food is a huge factor in the environment, as 30% to 40% of it is wasted in America (via the U.S. Department of Agriculture). The actress even went dairy-free to help the planet (and it has had positive side effects to combat her asthma, too). Now filming her new show, "Good Sam," Bush is frequently in Ontario shooting new episodes with some very early mornings. You may be asking, how does she have the energy to get through these long film days? The answer is with the help of one drink that's always by her side.

Sophia Bush can't get through the day without coffee

Sophia Bush exists on coffee. As she explained to Mashed, "I start my day with a hot coffee, then I move into iced coffee. I'm a coffee person and I don't think I could do my job without it." With early call times like hers, it only makes sense that the caffeinated drink is her go-to beverage. Bush also named the food she can't live without, and in this case, the answer might surprise you.

Sophia said, "A salt-baked whole fish. It's a classic Italian dinner that I love to make for people." So if you are ever at a Sophia Bush dinner party, you can expect a whole fish, big platters of vegetables, and maybe a roasted chicken — with some dessert and coffee, of course. The actress considers herself an avid cook, with rice, avocado, and sweet potatoes a necessity in her everyday pantry stock, too.

Visit Planet Oat's website to learn more about the initiative to plant more trees or One Tree Planted's website to get involved in reforestation.