Here's How To Get Free Fries For A Year At Burger King

Just like every king needs a crown, every burger needs a side of fries (though we'll admit that there are times our tastebuds may decide it needs a side of onion rings instead). If Burger King's famous, flame-grilled Whopper is your burger of choice when you're looking for a bite to eat while on the go, adding the quintessential burger accompaniment to your meal is about to get a whole lot cheaper for some customers. And by cheaper, we actually mean free of charge.

According to Chew Boom, the chain is offering patrons the chance to grab a free order of French fries once a week for the rest of the year as part of its Frequent Fry'er promotion that launched today, April 25. The deal is available exclusively to BK fans that have signed up for the eatery's Royal Perks rewards program and can be tacked on to any purchase whether it be for a Whopper, a Ch'King, a beverage, or a Hershey's Sundae Pie. Royal Perks members could even purchase an order of Burger King's fries and then use the promo to get a second order free of charge, eliciting them a double order of fries at half the cost. That certainly sounds like French fry heaven to us.

You still have time to become a Frequent Fry'er

Burger King has been treating its Royal Perks rewards members to a number of great deals since launching the program nationwide last September, including one free upsize to an order of fries, hashbrowns, or a drink per day. However, for members that are especially fans of the eatery's fries, the newly launched Frequent Fry'er program may be the best perk yet.

Through the promotion, Chew Boom reports that Perks members will have the opportunity to add one order of French fries in the size of their choice to any purchase from the chain once a week until the ball drops in Times Square to signal the start of 2023. Fast Food Menu Prices reports that the average price of a large order of French fries from Burger King is $2.39 before tax, which means rewards members can save close to $86.00 if they were to take advantage of the promo for the remaining 36 weeks of the year. Even if you're keener on the fries from one of the other popular fast-food chains, you have to admit, that's a pretty sweet deal.

Haven't signed up for Burger King's loyalty program yet? Don't worry, you still have plenty of time to become a Frequent Fry'er. Simply download the chain's mobile app or go to the Burger King website and sign up on or before June 20 to be able to join in with the other Royal Perks members that will be taking advantage of this deal.