Every High Noon Seltzer Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

Consumer demand for alcoholic hard seltzers has been increasing (via Food Processing). According to BevSource, most hard seltzers have a base of malted barley, wine, or grain neutral spirits. While White Claw Hard Seltzer and Truly Hard Seltzer are among the most popular seltzer brands, there are several other spiked seltzer brands that are available today. 

High Noon Hard Seltzer was created as a response to consumers who were seeking healthier and more natural substitutes to alcoholic drinks such as beer (via High Noon Spirits Company). High Noon's seltzer is spiked with real vodka and juice. It is low in calories and is gluten-free. High Noon was created by E. & J. Gallo Winery, a company that owns well-known liquor brands like New Amsterdam Vodka and Familia Camarena Tequila.

Since its debut in the summer of 2019, the High Noon brand has experienced significant market growth (via The Spirits Business). In the summer of 2021, the brand grew by 316% (via Wine Enthusiast). The company even has a major media partnership with Barstool Sports (via PR Newswire). According to Backbar, High Noon is currently the third best-selling hard seltzer. 

High Noon Hard Seltzers are made with vodka, fruit juice, and sparkling water. They contain a total of 100 calories and a 4.5% ABV. These drinks are available in 10 different exciting and fruity flavors. 

10. Black cherry

Black cherry is one of High Noon's originally released hard seltzer flavors (via High Noon Sun Sips). However, it's definitely not the best of High Noon's flavors. When the brand asked consumers for their opinion about the flavor through a light-hearted Instagram post, many declared other High Noon flavors as their favorites. 

So many cherry-flavored items fall into the artificial-medicine territory, and this product is no exception (via Mel Magazine). While it's arguably more flavorful than White Claw's black cherry seltzer flavor, the High Noon is a bit off-putting if cherry isn't your all-time favorite fruit flavor. 

High Noon seltzers usually have the perfect amount of sweetness, but this one is just too sugary. The overt tones of sweetness combined with cough syrup taste make the High Noon Black Cherry Seltzer the least appealing; this flavor is likely to be the last option left in the flavor pack after a day of drinking. High Noon markets this flavor as a little tangy, but this seltzer would benefit from reduced sugar and an added dose of acidity. 

9. Watermelon

Watermelon flavor can often be difficult to create well, as, similar to cherry, it can often end up tasting artificial, even if real fruit juice is used (via Mel Magazine). Unfortunately, High Noon's watermelon flavor succumbs to the same pattern. The watermelon taste is subtle, as is typical with seltzers, with added hints of fruit. The fruit flavor is persistent, however, it is overwhelmingly unnatural. While a single can might be fairly drinkable, drinking several cans could prove to be too sugary and is likely to be an overall recipe for disappointment. 

If you're looking for a refreshing watermelon drink, there are a whole host of watermelon cocktail recipes that you can try (via The Spruce Eats). It's almost always more effective to make a vodka soda (or any other cocktail of choice) and add in real watermelon. You could even make a vodka spiked watermelon for pure freshness. The canned versions will just never live up to the real deal with regard to watermelon flavor. The onus isn't totally on High Noon for not delivering on this one: It is nearly impossible to get watermelon flavor just right.

8. Mango

High Noon's mango flavor is another one that's hit or miss although it's much better than White Claw's mango hard seltzer. It doesn't taste overly artificial; however, similar to watermelon, it will just never live up to a drink made with real mango. When it comes to mango, no matter how hard one tries, the real fruit flavor simply can't be captured in a can. That doesn't mean it's bad, it's just that it falls short of the real thing. 

High Noon's mango option just isn't the best of the bunch. And, while die-hard fans of High Noon Mango Seltzer might disagree, the mango flavor is far from even the best tropical flavor out of the entire line of hard seltzers. If you pick up an assortment of drinks and High Noon's seltzers are one of these varieties, the mango-flavored seltzers are unlikely to go to waste though they will probably be the last ones you reach for.

7. Passionfruit

In 2021, High Noon introduced the passionfruit flavored hard seltzer as part of its Tropical Packs (via VinePair). Unlike its mango counterpart, this flavor is significantly more balanced. It has the tang of passionfruit juice without being too sweet. This drink possesses a slightly sour element that makes it all the more well-rounded. In general, this drink proves that the combination of passionfruit and vodka is an underrated one, and we should be all the wiser for it. 

While fresh fruit mixed with vodka sodas will always be superior to the fake-tasting canned options, the passionfruit flavor is just delicious enough to be enjoyable. The passionfruit seltzer consistently receives praise and admiration from customers (via Instagram). This drink is a great way to consume a spiked hard seltzer that is a pretty close dupe for the actual passionfruit flavor. According to Valley News, while passionfruit isn't highly popular in the U.S., the fruit has great potential, and High Noon is popularizing this delicious fruit. 

6. Guava

High Noon offers a selection of wonderful summery options and the Pool Pack, with its offerings of guava and kiwi flavors, is one of the best (via Just Drinks). While the guava variety is not bad, it could be much improved by an added burst of guava flavor. This drink is a little bit too subtle to be truly impactful and wow the senses. While the guava favor itself is spot on, the drink simply isn't strong enough in terms of taste to make it truly enjoyable.  

For enhanced effect, High Noon could have really amped up this juice in this to make it over-the-top tropical. If you're looking for some refreshing drinks, High Noon's Pool Pack is a good option to pick up. While the guava flavor in this pack isn't the best, it's definitely worth trying out, especially if you're looking for something a little different to sip on.

5. Lime

Lime is one of those flavors that is offered by several major seltzer brands: Both White Claw and Truly Hard Seltzer have included a lime variety in their product range. Vodka soda with lime is a classic bar order. High Noon's Lime Hard Seltzer is the perfect rendition of this popular bar drink. The lime flavor is tangy, refreshing, and bursting with real lime juice that just tastes much better than the artificial stuff. 

High Noon's lime flavor is significantly more delicious than some of its competitors. While White Claw's lime flavor tastes like a green freezer pop, High Noon's Lime Seltzer tastes like soda water bursting with fresh limes made by an expert bartender. If you're dealing with someone who claims to be averse to alcoholic seltzers, give them a can of this flavor and it might be enough to change their mind. The brand recommends pairing this drink with tacos or a fresh and crunchy treat such as chips and guacamole. 

4. Kiwi

High Noon debuted its kiwi flavor as part of its Pool Pack, and this delicious flavor is a welcome addition to an already strong lineup of flavors (via Just Drinks). High Noon's Kiwi Hard Seltzer really tastes like the creators squeezed fresh kiwis directly into the can. It's a little sweeter than some of the other options, but in a way that tastes like it originates from real fruit rather than from added sugar. It's the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and it is very refreshing to drink if you are lounging by the pool or at the beach. 

If you're not a huge fan of kiwi, then this new flavor might not be for you: That's just how authentic this kiwi flavor is. If the fruit is a staple in your summer fruit salads, this drink is a must-try for you. Also, if you're someone that feels indifferent about the fruit, it's still definitely worth a try. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that the fruit and this drink become new favorites.

3. Grapefruit

Vodka and grapefruit is just one of those pairings that is always refreshingly delicious, similar to a vodka soda with lime. Grapefruit has a powerful flavor that masks the alcoholic taste without relying on an abundance of sugar. Some grapefruit seltzers can taste overly artificial and sweet, which is a bummer, as a ripe grapefruit is marked by its tartness (via Thrive Cuisine). Luckily, High Noon knows its flavor profiles and totally captures the taste of fresh grapefruit in a can. 

Even if you're not a die-hard grapefruit lover, this seltzer offers a blast of citrus flavor that is refreshing and perfect for summer. It's hard to even compare this can to run-of-the-mill grapefruit seltzers on the market because it's significantly more authentic and really stays true to the fruit flavor. If you need more convincing, the flavor has received several glowing reviews and a high rating on Influenster. When it comes to the popularity of this seltzer flavor, it would appear that the public has spoken. 

2. Peach

Peach is another flavor that can be hit and miss, depending on the concoction and the product (via Mel Magazine). Oftentimes, peach-flavored products tend to nail the smell of peaches rather than the flavor, relying on sweetness to take the reins. Unlike its watermelon counterpart, High Noon's peach-flavored seltzer is a total win for the brand. It tastes like a fresh, juicy peach has been squeezed directly into the can, not to mention the fact that you're met with a pleasant peach aroma the second you crack open your drink.

Additionally, High Noon Peach receives extra praise because it does a great job emulating that fresh peachy taste. Additionally, the peach and vodka combo is an underrated concoction that provides a wonderfully surprising deliciousness to the senses, and High Noon's rendition is particularly special. Luckily, High Noon's Peach Seltzer gets it just right as this drink is the embodiment of a hot summer day in a can. 

1. Pineapple

Pineapple is definitely the absolute best High Noon flavor. Pineapples and watermelons are kind of like the unofficial fruits of summer. Pineapple is an enjoyable, refreshing snack; additionally, the fruit is popularly used as an image to symbolize bathing suits, pool floats, and other items that typically symbolize vacations and the summer season (via Pineapples).

Similar to the High Noon Peach Seltzer, the pineapple flavor tastes like taking a bite of a fresh slice of fruit. According to Seltzer Nation, this drink is a delicious tropical treat. It's the perfect balance of acidic and sweet, like a perfectly ripe pineapple. This flavor is actually pretty dangerous because it's so delicious and you might forget you're actually drinking vodka. 

Pineapple is truly a crowd-pleasing High Noon flavor because there's nothing not to like about it. If you haven't dabbled in any of the High Noon flavors, this is a solid option to start out with, especially if you're indulging outside on a nice summer day.