Padma Lakshmi Can't Get Over TikTok's Ina Garten Impersonator

One of our favorite internet occurrences is when we find out that celebrities are fans of each other, just like we are of them. For instance, Food Network star Sunny Anderson is always giving social media shout-outs to fellow chef Bobby Flay, and Ina Garten has a friendship with Taylor Swift. But now, it would seem that Garten is on the receiving end of the fandom, as Padma Lakshmi just re-shared a funny TikTok video of an Ina Garten impersonator. The "Top Chef" host even tagged Garten in the video on Instagram so she could be in on the joke. 

This isn't the first social media interaction between the duo. This year, Lakshmi wished Garten a happy birthday on Twitter, and on Valentine's Day, she made a post featuring funny Barefoot Contessa memes. Garten herself responded in the comments, saying that she had fun hanging out with Lakshmi the previous day. The two clearly know each other well, so fans are loving that Lakshmi shared the funny TikTok video poking fun at her friend.

Fans were cracking up over Lakshmi's post

The video Lakshmi shared to Instagram was from TikToker @IsThatTomHearnForReal, who often posts satirical Ina Garten impersonation videos. In this one, the faux Garten — cropped wig, signature blue button-down, and all — can be seen stirring something in a pot with a wooden spoon and saying, "When stirring, I like to use a really good wooden spoon. If you can't whittle your own, store bought will do just fine. How great is that?" 

So far, the TikTok video has more than 357,000 likes, while Lakshmi's post about it is raking in the comments. Actor Trace Lysette commented on the post with three skull emojis, while another user said what many fans were likely thinking: "I'm desperate to see Ina's reaction to these." So far, Garten hasn't chimed in on the post, but since Lakshmi tagged her in it, it seems safe to say that she'll appreciate that the ribbing is all in good fun.