Duff Goldman Is Cracking Up At Food Network's Thirsty Tweet

While Food Network certainly has a lot of shows featuring professional chefs, it also has a few shows featuring your average Joes and Janes. "Worst Cooks in America", for example, brings together contestants who aren't too great in the kitchen.

Over the course of the show's 20-plus seasons, more than a few contestants have been familiar faces. The latest season of "Worst Cooks" features a number of celebrities from the 90s, including Elisa Donovan, Tracey Gold, Curtis Williams, and Matthew Lawrence (via Discovery). Lawrence, who appeared in the 90s sitcom Boy Meets World, sparked a great deal of excitement on the internet — and Twitter especially – with his return to our TV screens. Twitter user FreyaMermaid wrote, "Good to see that Matthew Lawrence has continued to be totally dreamy over the past twenty-something years." Many others were quick to comment on Lawrence's good looks, but FreyaMermaid's post alone captured the attention of Food Network.

Food Network calls out a fan over her love for Matthew Lawrence

Within minutes of FreyaMermaid's post, Food Network found it and had something to say. "You're all so horny please take some deep breaths," Food Network tweeted. FreyaMermaid called the retweet her "crowning achievement," but others had mixed reactions. Most fans questioned whether or not Food Network meant to actually post the tweet. One person wrote, "This is a weird tweet." Another wrote, "Um... Chill." Others could only respond with shocked gifs or cringing emojis.

However, beloved pastry chef Duff Goldman seems to have gotten a kick out of the whole thing. Goldman tweeted, "Haha I love when Food Network gets real." One fan responded, "Seriously? Food Network didn't take (the tweet) down?" Another said, "Wow. Wonder if they meant 'hungry'?" Regardless of whether or not Food Network takes the tweet down, plenty of people have already taken screenshots. You know what they say, what happens on the internet stays on the internet. Forever.