A New Seinfeld-Based Cookbook Is Set To Launch This Fall

While the widely successful TV sitcom, "Seinfeld," claims to be a show about nothing, many episodes actually revolve around food. Admittedly, some of these food items were not presented in the best light, such as George's garbage can eclair, Jerry's two dinners, and Kramer's rotten fruit (via Eater).

Yet, viewers chuckled as the masses took to eating their candy bars with a fork and knife and as Elaine tried to dispose of mountains of muffin stumps, and even when Kramer became blinded by a sign belonging to Kenny Rogers' Roasters. As funny as these episodes are, every once in a while a food-centric "Seinfeld" moment piqued the audience's culinary curiosity and whetted their appetites. 

What "Seinfeld" fan isn't dying to know the exact ingredients that make up a Big Salad or how George makes his lobster scrambled eggs? We want to know what makes Steinbrenner's favorite calzone so good or if Elaine ever whipped up her own batch of the Soup Nazi's bisque. We hope these questions and more will finally be answered this upcoming fall with the release of "Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook."

Revisit your favorite Seinfeld episodes while enjoying Elaine's Big Salad

The release date for "Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook" is set for October 11 of this year and because fans have so many questions, it may prove to be a crowd-pleaser. While a turkey-basted Kramer will not likely be among the recipes included, there is bound to be something to suit every taste bud and help "Seinfeld" fans re-live a myriad of favorite episodes.

As the first official "Seinfeld" cookbook and the only one to feature official recipes taken directly from the show, this book will be unlike any of its predecessors (Simon & Schuster). Included are more than 60 coveted recipes, like Elaine's Big Salad (the mystery will finally be solved), and most of the dishes featured are for chefs of all abilities. 

Written by a highly experienced food writer, Julie Tremaine, and Brendan Kirby, a "Seinfeld"-obsessed entertainment talk show co-host, this book marries the culinary and comedy worlds. Boasting 192 pages, the book promises to "let you experience mealtime as part of the 'Seinfeld' world" (Goodreads). 

If you're excited to revisit the great Babka debate, uncover the truth about Mackinaw peaches, or discover if cucumbers really do taste good on pizza, this book might have what you're looking for. So, mark October 11 on your calendar and remember, "Salad's got nothin' on this mutton."