McDonald's Pull-Apart Donut Is Back, But Not For Good

McDonald's has been serving breakfast items for 50 years, according to New York Daily News. While it may have started with an Egg McMuffin that cost just 63 cents when it first appeared in a Santa Barbara franchise, the menu has grown quite a bit since then. And it appears that fans of the brand are lovin' it. In fact, McDonald's breakfast ranks no. 1 on more than one list comparing the first meals of the day offered by fast food restaurants. Just check out Delish or Thrillist and it becomes evident that some people have a real affection for the Golden Arches' breakfast menu.

It looks like Mickey D's list of morning options just got a little longer because Fast Food Post is reporting that the fast food chain's Glazed Pull Apart Donut, which made its debut in September 2021 and then departed, is back on the menu. Though it's not September, history seems slated to repeat itself in a different way.

It's still not a permanent menu item

Per PR Newswire, at the time McDonald's unveiled this sweet breakfast offering, the Glazed Pull Apart Donut had the distinction of being the McCafé Bakery's first limited-edition item. The menu already included an apple fritter, a blueberry muffin, and a cinnamon roll, so this sugary confection that resembles a doughy flower with petals that look like donut holes seems to fit that pattern perfectly.

Judging from some of the responses on social media, a number of people thought the pull-apart was a perfect fit for their taste buds as well. One fan on Twitter wrote, "The pull apart donut from McDonald's are actually tasty." While another lover of this menu item offered, "Yo I went to McDonald's for some hash browns this morning and saw they had this pull apart donut thing. It's [expletive] insane. Make sure you get it warmed up." A third satisfied customer wrote, "The pull apart donut at McDonald's is indeed worth it."

These donuts are available all day long (via the McDonald's website). But per Fast Food Post, they won't be hanging around for long, and we aren't sure of when they will depart.