Niecy Nash's Favorite Food Memory On Claws - Exclusive

When actress, comedian, and personality Niecy Nash went down to New Orleans to film "Claws," the star fell in love with the food scene in the city all over again. According to Marriott Bonvoy Traveller, Nash couldn't get enough of the flavors and dishes that define the area. She particularly loved restaurants like Neyow's or Commander's Palace. In addition to chowing down on regional favorites like red beans and rice or gumbo, Nash also loved touring the kitchens of some of her most frequented establishments. Even before filming the show, she announced on Twitter that she had discovered her favorite restaurant in the city, although the restaurant in question currently appears to have lost its website.

Nash loves New Orleans' culinary culture, but she also can't get enough of Mexican food. She even told Marriott Bonvoy Traveller that Sol et Luna serves up the best Mexican food in California. Over the course of her career, Nash has accumulated her fair share of food experiences, but one culinary moment on the set of "Claws" set a new standard for the actress.

Nash discovered one of her favorite meals on the set of Claws

As an experienced actress, Niecy Nash has a long history of dining from catered on-set menus. "I was always working on my birthday and catering would always ask me what I wanted to eat for my birthday," Nash told us in an exclusive interview.

When it came down to it, one Louisiana staple made its mark on Nash. "I would always, without a doubt, say seafood," Nash continued. "They would do a huge spread, almost like a boil, a seafood boil."

This didn't look like your average seafood boil either. Nash's birthday celebration came with a festive touch fitting of a star of her caliber. "All the seafood, hot, cold, and they would do an ice sculpture of me, which made everything taste better, if you asked me. It was a ... definitely a great food memory," Nash said. "I loved my birthday. I did that show for four seasons and every year on my birthday, I was always there, and that's what I want[ed] to eat."

Nash's love of food didn't stop there. The actress now has a new promotion with IHOP and has made waves on Instagram. You can download the IHOP app from Google Play or the App Store and start collecting rewards.