Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Divided On Its Returning Salted Brownie Bites

Is it just us, or is there something incredibly satisfying about noshing on the miniature version of your favorite foods? Whether your plate is filled with Bagel Bites, slider burgers, or mini caramel apple streusel cheesecake, something about those adorable, bite-sized treats makes eating even more fun than it already is.

Trader Joe's seems to understand the appeal of feeling like a giant at mealtime as well, and for several years, was home to a unique dessert known as Sea Salt Brownie Petites. Described as "rich chocolate brownies sprinkled with sea salt," the tiny baked goods were deemed a TJ's dessert deserving of a spot in the kitchen by a number of shoppers. Therefore, when the chain decided to remove the miniature brownies from its shelves last year, fans were understandably sad. "Grief circle for discontinued Sea Salt Brownie Petites," wrote one Redditor on the TJ's subreddit page after hearing the news, which became a place for several shoppers to mourn the loss of the treat.

Their cries appear to have reached the higher-ups at Trader Joe's, as the grocery chain is once again selling the bite-sized sweets — though under a slightly different guise. Now labeled "Sea Salt Brownie Bites," the revamped snack has been spotted recently by a number of TJ-obsessed Instagrammers including @traderjoeslist, who shared a photo of the treat this week. "THEY'RE BACK," the shopper wrote on April 27. But while many shoppers matched the @traderjoeslist's excitement, a few weren't quite as amused.

Some TJ's shoppers disapprove of the Sea Salt Brownie Bites' ingedients

Word travels fast in the Trader Joe's fandom, especially when it pertains to the return of a fan-favorite product like the beloved Sea Salt Brownie Bites (formerly known as Sea Salt Brownie Petites) that were discontinued last year. Since Instagrammer @traderjoeslist alerted their followers of the product's re-release this morning, their Instagram post has amassed more than 4,300 likes at the time of this writing. Dozens hit the comments section as well, where a number of shoppers celebrated the news. "Yay. That is my fav!" one person responded. "Got them on Monday and at them in 2 days. So good," quipped another fan.

In response to another comment, Instagram user @tradejoeslist explained that the newer version of the salted brownie bites are made by a new vendor, but are rumored to be just as delicious as its predecessor. "Salt Bae would approve!" the Instagrammer declared, though the same can't be said for all Trader Joe's shoppers. "Those have terrible ingredients," one user commented, while a few others specifically called out the use of palm oil in the treats. "It is so destructive to our planet. We need to do better! C'mon Trader Joe's lead by example," wrote another Instagrammer.

This is not the first time TJ's has been criticized for its use of palm oil in products; in March, its Pinks & Whites Dark Chocolate Bars came under scrutiny as well. Those curious about other TJ's products that contain the controversial ingredient can check out this Reddit discussion to learn more.