You'll Have To Go To Malaysia To Get This Local McDonald's Specialty

Since McDonald's inception in the mid-1950s, the chain has expanded to nearly everywhere in the world. According to NPR, there are just a handful of countries that don't have a McDonald's, and most of them did at one point, but the locations closed for various reasons (such as McDonald's in Iceland, whose locations had to close due to financial struggles as a result of importing goods).

With that said, given the thousands of locations around the world, there are plenty of spots that serve menu items unique to the countries in which they reside. McDonald's Japan unveiled a new rice burger last year for a limited time, which replaced the traditional bread bun with a bun made of rice. And in Italy, Eat This, Not That! reports that you can order tomato & mozzarella turnovers, which you certainly can't get in the United States.

Malaysia is another country with unique McDonald's items — and you certainly won't find one local specialty at a location in any other country.

The Nasi McD Ayam is only available in Malaysia

McDonald's decided to incorporate the culture into its Malaysian menu when it produced the Nasi McD Ayam dish. According to a YouTube video advertising the Nasi McD line, the dish involves Ayam Goreng McD, which is the McDonald's version of Malaysian fried chicken. It also includes sambal, which is a chili sauce, plus a hard-boiled egg and salad.

In Malaysian, nasi translates to meaning a rice dish, which explains the title of the specialty. McDonald's does fry its chicken, which differs from the traditional method of poaching it in broth, but it ultimately creates a similar entrée.

The Nasi McD Ayam isn't the only nasi dish available at Malaysian McDonald's locations. The Culture Trip also reports that the Nasi Lemak Burger, also made with chicken, an egg, and sambal, is available as well. Plus, Pulut Hitam Pie, which is a dessert that is essentially a special rice pie, is on the menu, too.