You Won't Believe How Many Total Hamburgers White Castle Has Sold

A century is a long time to do anything. How many living people have even existed for that long? But White Castle can boast that it's a centenarian of the food business,  selling its famous sliders for around 101 years. It was a hamburger destination before there was an In-N-Out, a Five Guys, or a Shake Shack. Adam Chandler, the author of "Drive-Thru Dreams," told Smithsonian Magazine that initially, White Castle relied on an assembly-line model to construct sandwiches, ensuring every slider was the same. That brought people into the chain. But as the years progressed so has the chain, even adding a "bleeding" plant-based burger to their menu (via Time). 

Now that the chain is up there in age, so are its other numbers. Per a PR Newswire press release, White Castle has hit a major stat when it comes to sales. The company announced that it has sold more than 28 billion Original Sliders and Cheese sliders. Breaking that number down, the release explains that amounts to 22 billion restaurant purchases and 6 billion retail-related sales. And to truly mark this eye-popping occasion, White Castle has some serious celebratory plans for fans of their burgers to share in.

A digital coupon for a free burger

White Castle has sold is not the only number that leaves us impressed. Per QSR Magazine, of the 450 executives this chain boasts, 442 "started behind the counter." They were once the people greeting customers and taking part in some of those many, many burger sales. An as White Castle shares in its press release, to celebrate the billions of burgers sold, more than 250 members of the home office will participate in a May tradition of rolling-up sleeves and working in White Castle's restaurants and food manufacturing plants in the U.S. But that is not the only way the hamburger chain will be partying.

The press release goes on to reveal that on May 15th, which is White Castle's National Slider Day, customers could get a free Cheese slider if they have a digital coupon. Hint: That person would have to be an White Castle email subscriber or follow the burger maker on social media. They don't have to buy anything to be eligible. Additionally, on May 19th, the company will induct its 2021 class into the Cravers Hall of Fame in Columbus, Ohio, to celebrate and honor some of their loyal customers who helped White Castle reach that 28 billion burger mark.