Why Aldi Shoppers Are Upset About Its Latest Pricing Update

Aldi is often known for its competitive pricing, but a recent price commitment by management seems to be falling short of shopper expectations. Aldi recently shared in an Instagram post, "Want even lower prices on ALDI Finds? Look no further. Hurry in this Sunday (and we mean hurry!) for unbelievable price cuts on #ALDIFinds. In stores only, while supplies last. #LowerThanLowPrices." 

This social media statement comes after an April 12th announcement by Aldi CEO Jason Hart stating, "No matter what happens in the world around us, ALDI will always be the low-price leader in every community we serve." In the announcement, the brand makes reference to both inflation and rising gas prices with a commitment to be a "bright spot in your weekly budget."

But while Aldi executives and management say they will be lowering prices and fighting back against rising costs, consumers are finding that these promises may be falling short during the actual shopping experience. As one social media commenter shared on the company's post, "Interesting since I'm seeing items increasing in price. Still affordable but slowly creeping up." And they were far from the only person with something to say.

Aldi prices are low, but not that low

Aldi shoppers had some comments on the brand's recent posts regarding price — and not all of them are kind. Voicing their opinions on Instagram, shoppers shared, "Your prices are above some of the regular grocery stores now ... " Citing the example of Dawn dish soap, someone else followed up, writing, "yes over $4 so I buy the other brand they carry surprisingly still for over a dollar." Yet another poster added, "No one cares about aldi finds when your groceries are higher then Walmart."

A February 2022 Business Insider comparison of Aldi and Walmart, highlighting one shopper's experience, concluded that Aldi doesn't always offer the lowest prices and that sometimes the differences between the two retailers aren't particularly substantial. That didn't stop one person from noting, "Lower prices? Two weeks ago eggs were $1.75 now they're $2.47. Cheaper at Walmart." So is ALDI following through on its low-price commitment? It seems it's difficult to tell. While still an affordable option, perhaps no retailer is free from recent inflation (or the allure of simply raising prices).