Subway's Mystery Tweet Could Mean Big News For The Sandwich Vault

Subway has more restaurants globally than even McDonald's (according to Subway's website), so there's a good chance that if you've ever craved a footlong customizable sandwich while on the go or in a hurry, you've turned to the sandwich chain for a quick meal. But unless those quick visits involved sprinting, it might not sound like the most athletic restaurant choice out there. Yet in recent months it has been making things a little more sporty. In February of 2022, Subway introduced "The Vault," a special sandwich series that featured new creations invented by NFL players, which was tied to the Super Bowl.

Whether or not it's here for the long run, it looks like The Vault isn't ready to close its doors. Just before the NFL DRAFT, it dropped three pork-packed sandwiches named after draft candidates (via QSR). The chain recently made a post on Twitter that had fans scratching their heads, but it did imply that something new is coming down the pipeline. "SECRET SUBS INCOMING," the chain tweeted. "May 2022 ONLY IN THE VAULT." Previously, the sandwiches in The Vault were only available to order on Subway's website or on the Subway app, so we're guessing the same will be true of whatever new creations they're releasing this month. And hungry fans have some guesses about what they could be.

What new sandwiches are in The Vault?

Subway wasn't giving many hints as to what the new sandwiches in The Vault will be, or if they'll be created by celebrity athletes again (per Top End Sports, The Kentucky Derby, French Open, Indy 500, and U.S. PGA Championships are all in May), but Twitter users had plenty of guesses.

"Is it a new veggie one?" one fan asked, to which Subway merely replied, "You'll find out soon enough." One person said, "Any chance you could enlighten us?" and the brand replied, "Oh yes, definitely...All throughout the month." That might hint that there will be different sandwiches dropping into The Vault all month long, though again, all we have to go off of is speculation and Twitter hints from the brand. 

Some fans were hopeful for the return of pastrami, a crab sandwich, garlic and herb oil, and pulled pork. But unless you're the Twitter user who said, "ima ask my mom what the subs are since you know she works at Subway," you'll likely have to wait for the brand's official reveal before we know what new sandwiches will be available in The Vault this May.