Everything You Need To Know About The Gorton's Fish Sandwich Recall

Usually, the only reason to check your freezer for Gorton's Seafood fish sandwich fillets is to make sure you have a box or two on hand for meals on the fly. Gorton's is a company that earns consistently high ratings from consumers. Inside the supermarket brand's familiar yellow and blue packaging with the ever-present, silver-bearded fisherman, you'll find fillets of wild-caught Alaska pollock wrapped in a panko bread crumb coating (per the brand's website). "Add a bun, and you're done,” as the slogan says.

It's not quite that simple, but fans appreciate the fillets for their convenience (per Influenster). Pop them in the oven or air fryer, add a bun, some special sauce, and maybe some fries, and you've got an at-home version of your favorite fast-food fish sandwich. "Nice and crunchy if cooked correctly,” says reviewer Wesley H, on Influenster. "Great taste, moist inside.” Now, Gorton's has recalled certain packages of its fish sandwich fillets due to the possible presence of a scary and potentially dangerous kind of crunch: bone fragments that are large enough and/or sharp enough to present a choking hazard (per U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

Check your freezer for recalled Gorton's fish sandwich fillets

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Gorton's has voluntarily recalled 504 packages of its Gorton's Fish Sandwich-100% Whole Fillets in 18.3-ounce packages. It's important to note there have been no reports of injury from consumption of the product (per FDA). 

Gorton's, based in Gloucester, Mass., said the affected packages can be identified by this UPC code: 0 44400 15440 6. Consumers should also look for date code 2060F2 and time range 15:30-17:30.

Stores that received the recalled product are located in six states and Puerto Rico. They include Hannaford Supermarkets (New York, Vermont); Giant Food Store and Giant Martin's (Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland); Berkley Supermarket, Farm Fresh, Food Depot, Green Valley Marketplace, Harvest Fare, Shoppers Value Foods, St. Paul Grocery Market, Tiger Market, Tri-Star Supermarket, and Wegmans stores (Maryland and Virginia); and U.S. Military Commissaries (North Carolina, Virginia, and Puerto Rico).

Stores that were shipped the recalled fish fillets have been instructed to pull the affected packages from their shelves. Consumers who purchased the recalled product can call Gorton's at 1-888-573-5982.