Nearly 41% Agree This Is The Best Frozen Fish Brand

While most seafood lovers can agree the best type of fish to cook with is fresh fish, frozen fish can be a versatile, affordable, and universally accessible way to work seafood into a diet if your access to fresh fish is limited.

Whether you're a fan of crispy breaded frozen fillets, fish sticks, or fancier grilled and frozen options, there is no shortage of seafood brands offering a variety of products that will keep your freezer well-stocked with the oceanic protein. But, when it comes to which brand is best for crafting your favorite fish dishes, opinions can be divided.

Mashed polled 604 U.S.-based respondents on their favorite frozen fish brand and found that one big name brand stood above the rest when it comes to the freezer-proof protein. Respondents were asked to choose between six of the most popular seafood brands: Gorton's, Fremont Fish Market, Young's, Mrs. Pauls, Van de Kamp's, and Kroger. 

This British fish brand came dead last in the poll

Receiving the least amount of votes and coming in last place in Mashed's poll was Young's — a 200-year-old seafood company from across the pond that specializes in recreating "the authentic taste of classic British fish and chips" — with just 4.80% of the vote. Mrs. Paul's, which offers frozen fish sticks, fillets, and crab cakes, received the second least amount of votes, with 5.30%.

The in-house brand of the grocery chain Kroger received 15.23% of the vote — surprising, given that Kroger received the most votes in our poll of the worst frozen fish brand — edged out just slightly by Fremont Fish Market, with 16.06% of the total. Van de Kamp's snagged the second place spot with 17.88% of the total.

Taking the top spot with a whopping 40.73% of the vote for the best frozen fish brand was the seafood juggernaut Gorton's, which offers a wide variety of frozen fish products ranging from beer-battered fish fillets to healthier flame-grilled options. So, whether you're looking to snack on some ketchup-dipped fish sticks or craft a tasty tartar sauce-topped fried fish burger, Gorton's just might be your best bet.