Gordon Ramsay And TikTok Are Up In Arms Over Chocolate Covered Sausages

Gordon Ramsay is not exactly well known for his sympathy and restraint. Noted widely for his sweary outbursts and insults — including the infamous "idiot sandwich," which is certainly high on the list of his worst insults ever — Ramsay has mastered the genius of becoming famous by being rude to people.

Given Ramsay's notorious verbal attacks, weird food crazes are certain to trigger him, which is exactly what a TikTok video uploaded by @thevulgarchef has done. As the username suggests, the video focuses on an arguably horrific invention: chocolate-covered sausages.

Sausages coated in chocolate certainly look as unnerving as they sound. The video shows small, chubby sausages poured from a tin being poked with a cocktail stick and thoroughly dunked in a bowl of chocolate (before a final garnishing of multicolored sprinkles is added). Although the clip appears to show the chef satisfied with his results (bravely eating two of the sausages without needing to spit any out), the general reaction from Gordon Ramsay and other TikTok viewers has been savage.

Gordon Ramsay thinks chocolate sausages look like dog poop

To say Gordon Ramsay is unimpressed with chocolate-coated sausages is an understatement. In a reaction showcased on TikTok, he begged the video's wacky creator to stop, appearing uncharacteristically lost for words and visibly disgusted. He concluded that the chef had "lost the plot" and been "smoking the wrong stuff." His final conclusion was that the sausage and chocolate combination looked like "dog turds sprinkled in more s***." It's probably safe to say that the "MasterChef" judge is not going to feature this dish in his restaurants any time soon. After all, Ramsay's restaurants rank among the world's best.

TikTok commenters have been a little more restrained in their language than Ramsay but equally baffled nonetheless. Multiple users have called for @thevulgarchef to be sent to jail and hell, while others have been insulted and are demanding an apology. One user argues the sausages are "perfect for your enemy," but many are wondering if the video is simply intended as a joke.

Some TikTok users are suggesting the chocolate sausages look tasty, although these comments may be layered with irony. Others are seeing potential in the form of pranks, with one replier stating they are going to surprise their children with the strange concoction, and another adding that barbecue-flavored sausages would work even better.