Is Dessert Really Coming To Chipotle?

Chipotle fans have wondered why the chain has never carried any form of dessert. Years ago, Redditors speculated that this fast food brand could never carry after-dinner treats due to the business model that emphasized quick use of ingredients, and in order to supply desserts, each location would need dedicated freezer space. The Takeout tackled this very same question — Chipotle originally had a very clear design in mind when it came to how they wanted to approach Tex-Mex fast food, and part of that image came with unshakingly forgoing breakfast menus and other fast food standards. That hadn't stopped the chain from experimenting with some sweeter items though.

A representative from the chain told The Takeout that it tested out Mexican chocolate shakes, an apple dipping sauce, and other items, but each of the dessert items never made it past the test kitchens or regional rollouts, that is, until very recently. Hypebeast noted that some Chipotle locations started testing mini churros on in-app purchases in 2021. Now, a new announcement that could turn your idea of Chipotle on its head.

A sweeter side of Chipotle

Fox Business reports that the company now plans to roll out a new menu, and some sources have indicated that the tweaks may contain a dessert item or two. "We are constantly exploring new menu innovations, and dessert is an area where we see opportunity," the chain's Chief Marketing Officer told the outlet. Chipotle relies on menu introductions to drive sales, and the buzz around introducing a new, sweet item has the potential to drive some serious sales. Eat This, Not That! additionally reports that the chain's CEO purportedly said that the restaurant plans to launch an exciting new item, driving the hype over what that might entail to new heights.

On the other hand, a considerable source of Chipotle's revenue stems from burrito additions. The introduction of Pollo Asado marked a major success for the brand and the protein now tops the charts when it comes to sales (via Eat This, Not That!). Guacamole and queso additions further drive up the cost of an item, making these additions very considerable items. It's possible that a dessert might help encourage a bit of extra spending at the chain, but the word's still out on exactly what Chipotle's plans are. There has been no official announcement that a dessert option is definitely coming to the chain, but expect to see a menu shift at the restaurant.