The Internet Was In An Uproar Over This Method Of Burrito-Eating

Most fans of the show "Seinfeld" will fondly recall the iconic episode "The Pledge Drive" in which Elaine's boss, Mr. Pitt, cuts up a Snickers with a knife and fork. Initially, it's regarded with astonishment and disapproval, but eventually, this unorthodox approach to eating a candy bar caught on and became popular, even seen as refined.

The point is that people can develop very fixed attitudes about how certain foods should be eaten, often critiquing methods that stray from what they perceive or accept as the societal norm. Much like the candy bar portrayed in "Seinfeld," the majority of pizza aficionados would consider it sacrilege to use utensils to carve up a slice of NYC pizza. Of course, New York-style v. Chicago style-pizza is a separate food argument in itself with passionate devotees on either side.

Burritos are another item that our society has come to expect should be consumed as hand-held portable fare sans utensils. So when the internet caught wind of a transgression against burrito kind, a spirited debate erupted. So, just what was this unforgivable sin committed against burrito humanity?

A burrito eating Reddit post gone rogue

Per Newsweek, a woman had the audacity to eat the filling out of her burrito using a fork, then followed up that convention-bucking trend by polishing off the contentless tortilla. The horror! The woman's partner posted to Reddit with the caption, "My wife eats the filling out of her burritos with a fork, then eats the empty tortilla shell."

There are 1,500 mixed reviews on Reddit's r/mildlyinfuriating forum, with users comparing her method of ingesting a burrito from the inside out to that of a spider's approach to devouring prey. Some stated that the offense against burrito decorum warranted jail time. Others found it odd. The original poster has since deleted the thread, but the entertaining commentary is still available.

One Redditor argued in favor of the woman's habit, stating it's "less messy." Another echoed that sentiment, divulging their preference of eating egg rolls in the same manner. Other fellow advocates of filling first eating shared that they enjoy scooping their burrito insides with chips. This would be great with our giant burrito recipe.

One Redditor sums up the debate best, proclaiming: "All these people mocking her are still out here eating burrito bowls from a cardboard bowl like fools. She found the secret to a better life, that's all." Eat your burrito in whatever way that makes you happy. And when it comes time for dessert, don't shy away from using that knife and fork to portion your Snickers bar. It's classy.