The Best Tricks To Cook With Beyond Meat Chicken Tenders - Exclusive

Whether it's traditional meat or plant-based meat, no one wants soggy chicken tenders — and it really takes a certain finesse to achieve peak crisp. Beyond Meat customers may know the brand primarily from the their plant-based burger and breakfast options at grocery stores and on restaurant menus. However, the brand is now expanding its offerings with "chicken" tenders available at 8,000 locations nationwide. With these tasty meal options now coming to market, people need to know the best way to cook them — whether it's in the oven, an air fryer, or even using the microwave. Luckily, Beyond Meat is here to help with tried and true instructions on each method and suggesting which one offers the best final product. 

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Beyond Meat Chef Diana Stavaridis revealed what customers need to do to create the best crispy tenders — and the best tricks to get them exactly right. 

There are numerous ways to cook them just right

Everyone knows that the key to a good chicken tender is the perfect crisp. So when it comes to the best cooking method and timing to achieve that crisp for Beyond Chicken Tenders, Chef Diana Stavaridis had some suggestions. "[They] come pre-cooked, ready to heat in the air fryer, oven, or microwave. When cooking in the oven, preheat the oven to 425 [degrees Fahrenheit] on a baking sheet with wired racks for eight minutes, and be sure to flip half-way through." 

The process is similar for cooking in the air fryer. "When you're cooking in the air fryer, place the tenders inside, heat at 360 Fahrenheit, and cook for five minutes," she explained, adding a third option. "While the oven and air fryer produce the crispiest tenders, customers can also put [them] in the microwave on high for one minute to one minute and 25 seconds per serving. Let the tender rest for about a minute after it comes out of the microwave before you eat it."

Stick to the instructions for the best results

When it comes to cooking these plant-based tenders just right, Chef Stavaridis also suggested customers stick to the instructions for prime results. "Certain tips and tricks that I've actually learned from working with these tenders, having the awesome experience to be able to cook and eat them all the time, is honestly to adhere [to] and follow these guidelines," she explained. "If you stay within these [guidelines] and you cook with one of these methods, you [can] treat it just like its animal counterpart. It's very much the same [with] how you cook it, and yet you get the benefits of it being more nutritious and better for you." However, the chef wants to make sure Beyond Meat fans don't forget one important tip: "I would definitely stick to using the wire rack."

While she suggested the oven or the air fryer as her favored ways of cooking, the microwave is also an option and may be more convenient for those with busy schedules. "My mother has recently been doing it in the microwave — making chicken parmesan sandwiches and everything, and we've tested it here. It does work pretty well in the microwave," the chef added. "Have fun with it and play with all of these cooking instructions, and you'll have the crispiest chicken tenders to be able to put into whatever you'd like to eat it with." 

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